Babylon 5 - Original Soundtracks

by Christopher Franke


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1st Set
"Severed Dreams" #310
"Late Delivery from Avalon" #312
"Walkabout" #318
"Shadow Dancing" #321
"Z'Ha'Dum" #322
2nd Set
"Fall of Night" #222
"Interludes and Examinations" #315
"Into the Fire" #406
"No Surrender, No Retreat" #415
"Face of the Enemy" #417
"The Ragged Edge" #513
3rd Set
"Chrysalis" #112
"The Coming Of Shadows" #209
"War Without End, Part 1" #316
"War Without End, Part 2" #317
"Whatever Happenend to Mr Garibaldi" #402
"The Long Night" #405
"Lines Of Communication" #411
"Endgame" #420
4th Set
"Falling Toward" #404
"Darkness Ascending" #516
"Objects At Rest" #522
"Sleeping In Light" #523


Also Available: Episodic #320
"And The Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place"

These specialty "Episodic" CDs feature cool, innovative designs. Due to the technology of partial- metalization, the CD itself has transparent parts. It looks dye-cut, but is still round and therefore playable on any CD unit including car stereos.

The music of Babylon 5, an audio journey that captures the soul of the series, was successfully represented as suites on the popular CD releases, "Babylon 5" and "Babylon 5, vol. II: Messages from Earth." While Vol. 1 and 2 are full length CD's, with extracts from various shows comprising new compositions, each of these episodic CDs, released on the demand of many viewers, contains music from a single show in its entire length. Cues play chronologically as aired with an average total time of 30 minutes.

Full Length CDs

CD Cover CD Cover CD Cover
Babylon 5 Vol1
"Babylon 5 Suites"
Babylon 5 Vol2
"Messages From Earth"
Best of Babylon 5
CD Cover CD-Cover CD Cover
The River Of Souls Thirdspace In The Beginning

Signature CDs
of "Sleeping in Light" and "The River of Souls"
signed by Christopher Franke, JMS, Mira Furlan, Jerry Dyole, Peter Jurasik, Claudia Christian

Christopher Franke, one of the pioneers of electronic music and former member of Tangerine Dream, has orchestrated his original, powerful scores for Babylon 5, merging the worlds of classical and electronic music.


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composed by Christopher Franke
performed by Christopher Franke and the Berlin Symphonic Film Orchestra
conducted by Alan Wagner
main title narration by Claudia Christian
recorded and produced by Edgar Rothermich
recording assistant: Rudy Panke
mastering: Chas Ferry
3D rendering: Eric Chauvin
art direction: Doerte Lau
design: Andreas Adamec