Babylon 5 - Episodics (#522)
"Objects At Rest"

Written by J. Michael Straczynski, directed by John Copeland

As Sheridan and Delenn prepare to leave for Minbar, Ta'Lon discovers that G'Kar has already left without warning. Entering his quarters, he discovers a recorded message for G'Kar, asking him to be the spokesman for their people on Babylon 5. Dr. Franklin is also preparing for his successor, asking Dr. Hobbes to take over his work. Back on Mars, Garibaldi meets with the new board of Edgars Industries, promising to reward them for speaking up. Meanwhile, Lennier arrives on the station, in time to accompany Sheridan and Delenn to Minbar. They hope to leave quietly, but news travels fast, and the Zocalo quickly fills with wellwishers. On the White Star, Sheridan finds himself trapped by a coolant leak; Lennier on the other side of the door. Faced with the opportunity of rescuing Sheridan, he runs away; by the time he returns, Sheridan has already escaped, and overcome with remorse, Lennier flees the Whitestar. Later on Minbar, Delenn receives a message from Lennier who must now atone for his actions. Sheridan and Delenn are interrupted by the arrival of Londo with a gift for their child: a sealed urn containing a dormant keeper . . .

In 'Objects At Rest,' producer-turned-director John Copeland tried to live up to the episode's title by showing certain events slowing down and finally coming to rest. That included Garibaldi's arrival on Mars, Franklin's departure for his post on Earth, and Sheridan and Delenn's new home on Minbar. That said, there are two events that mar the episode's relative tranquility. The first is Lennier's sudden betrayal, as he leaves Sheridan to his apparent death. The scene turned out to be extremely difficult for actor Bill Mumy, who was unable to deal with this further turn in his character's emotional development. The other is the unexpected arrival of Emperor Londo Mollari, who brings a gift for Sheridan and Delenn's unborn son. The true nature of that gift will remain hidden for some time. 'Objects At Rest' was, actually the final episode of Babylon 5 produced for the fifth season. Sharp-eyed viewers may recognize a number of familiar faces among the dozens of extras appearing in the episode. That's because a number of B5 crew members were pressed into service at the last minute, playing everyone from security guards to Minbari extras. A fitting end to an episode five years in the making.

Joe Nazzaro

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