Perry Rhodan - Pax Terra
by Christopher Franke (Instrumental)

# Title Time Listen
1 Bridge To Eternity 6:57 mp3
2 The Endless Armada 9:24
3 Atlan - The Solitary Spirit of Time 6:08 mp3
4 The 3rd Question 11:52 mp3
5 Mountain of Creation 5:47 mp3
6 Frost Ruby 10:40 mp3
7 Bridge To Eternity -Single Cut 3:21 mp3

Album Cover

Sonic Images Records
Dec 17, 1996

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music composed by Christopher Franke
music performed by Christopher Franke and the Berlin Symphonic Film Orchestra
conducted by Alan Wagner
recorded and produced by Edgar Rothermich
recording assistant Rudy Panke
vocals by Rick Jude and Miko
design by Doerte Lau, Andreas Adamec
executive producer: Peter Schlenter


That's the way music has to be: 
Early December saw the release of the long-awaited third attempt of a musical homage to Perry Rhodan. While 
"Ad Astra Perry" by USP eventually failed due to lack of imagination, the sampler became more or less an 
annoyance for the common Perry Rhodan reader, who was served quite a piece of insignificance.  With the third
 try, I believe, they finally managed to create what had been missing for so long: a genuine and true anthem to 
the Perry Rhodan series, which should make the heart of every PR-fan beat faster. 
The idea, originally with the official title "Space Opera", evolved into a solid and singular sound opus - a soundtrack,
 as it were, for your (as of yet?) unproduced movie, which instead runs in the listener's mind. And considering the
 outcome it is better this way. 
           - FAN-A-WEEK 1/97 

The almost 58 minutes are spread over six tracks and a single-cut of "Bridge to Eternity". Inits 6:57 long version this 
track initiates the CD. A symphonic fanfare opens the "space opera".Then we get a brief glimpse of eternity in a 
quiet, chorale-supported passage, which soars toimaginative, energetic themes. This leads to the sung conclusion, 
a melodic pop symphony, in which guitars accompany the English lyrics vocal duet. The melody catches your ear 
right away - the single cut comprises this part.  "The Wonders of Estartu" (9:24) begins with peaceful electronic s
ounds, which remind you of early Tangerine Dream. A whirling rhythm blends in. Memories of Ravel's "Bolero" arise,
when powerful horns and a virtually exploding orchestra subdue the crescending percussion. After this climax the 
cut ends in a tranquil and relaxing way. The melody seems to scatter in the cosmos. 
"Atlan - The Solitary Spirit of Time" (6:08) opens with a heroic anthem to the "Fighter for Human Nature", as he is c
alled in the liner notes. After a musical swordplay, we accompany Atlan on his journey through time. Melodies pass 
us by like eons and flow together in "Atlan's Theme". 
This extremely well done CD culminates with the 3:21 single cut of "Bridge to Eternity", a breath-taking pop 
symphony with real chart potential. To tell the truth - I could not be any more content. 
            - Ulrich Bettermann (SOL Magazin) 

Timely to the 35. anniversary of Perry Rhodan, the world's biggest science-fiction book series, Christopher Franke
is now releasing the cosmos opera "Pax Terra" - a sonic journey, not only for fans.  Although there are no plans for a 
Perry Rhodan movie project, at least not in the immediate future, Franke decided to produce a concept album. The 
project was recorded by the Berlin
Film Symphony Orchestra and various singers. The product is a musical reflection of the subject Perry Rhodan 
between electronic, classical music and pop. The title "Pax Terra" derives from the legendary issue #287. There, 
the unified planet Earth of Perry Rhodan's future is called "Terra" [Latin for Earth] and her inhabitants accordingly 
          - Arno Frank Eser, AZ 12/96 

Best known among science fiction fans for his inventive Babylon 5 soundscapes,on this score Christopher Franke 
combines his celebrated synthesized effectswith a variety of forceful harmonies. The exploits of astral ambassador 
PerryRhodan have been consistently published in Germany since 1961, and the sevensongs on this energetic disc 
wonderfully convey both the series complexhistory and grand sense of adventure. Babylon 5 aficionados will recognize 
a number of exciting cues from that show on the sprightly "Mountain of Creation", yet the topflight tune nevertheless
 remains fresh and truly first-rate. Harking back to his rock'n roll roots, Franke also presents theendearing "Bridge 
to Eternity" in both full-length and "single cut" versions, with the longer rendition featuring an extended instrumental 
passage prior to the uplifting vocal segment. Although many individuals have characterized the on-going chronicle 
as a perennial potboiler, this aural interpretation is clearly inspired. 
           - Jeff Berkwits, from ASTERISM #8