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About "Perry Rhodan: Pax Terra"

Pax Terra is a musical reflection composed to accompany Perry Rhodan, the largest and most successful science fiction book series ever. Over a billion books have been sold worldwide. For 35 years, Perry Rhodan has taken his readers on exciting adventures into the future of mankind.

The Perry Rhodan books, together with the musical impression of Pax Terra, open doors into new levels of existence beyond time and space. They allow us to explore unknown planets and meet new friends in faraway galaxies.

Caught up in Perry Rhodan's exciting worlds of adventure, we first fail to realize that we are facing a mirror without recognizing our own reflection. It is a mirror reflecting ourselves and the time we live in.

Through Perry Rhodan, we rediscover a new dimension which we all carry within ourselves: the power and creativity of our own fantasy and the hope to one day create a better future with it.

With Pax Terra, Christopher Franke Takes his audience on a fantastic musical voyage through the faraway worlds, galaxies and universes of the magical Perry Rhodan books.

Bridge To Eternity
What is the bridge to eternity? Where does it start, where does it end? It is definitely a bridge into the unknown, and Perry Rhodan must cross this bridge over and over again. Through him, we discover that if we are willing to take risks, we have the chance to cross the same bridge in our own lives.

The Wonders Of Estartu
The never ending temptation of human curiosity is the stimulus for all intelligence and consciousness in the universe. It gives birth to the enduring fight between Good and Evil, often similar in their choice of weapons. Is it possible to balance these two forces, to finally unite them? Humanity carries this burden of balance, and Perry Rhodan demonstrates what a burden it is!

Atlan - The Solitary Spirit Of Time
The devil's advocate, a fierce fighter for humanity, howls and frowns at each frivolous act against his highest principle. He is a laughing god, yet at the same time, the forever-seeking Ahasverus. But all tears dry in the sea of time, leaving behind a thick crust of salt. Who really sees behind the masks?

The Third Question
The question about the purpose of all life and of creation itself: Who initiated the law and what is its effect? Perry Rhodan refuses to answer - he does not want to be mistaken as a god. He lets go of absolute knowledge and wisdom to become a pilgrim on his way to humanity.

Mountain Of Creation
The mountain of creation carries within itself the burden of an answer to the eternal question: "Why?" At the gateway between life and the unceasing loneliness of the burning spirit, the eternal flame is giving birth to chaos and order at the same time. Here, at the dawn of a new cosmic manifesto, the shattering scream of an infinite crowd of lives burns its way into consciousness and humanity. Will they burn or will they transform and rise like the Phoenix from the ashes - Who knows the answer?

The Frost Ruby
Becoming and ceasing, the double helix of our being, interweave and build the Universe. At some time in infinity, these two parallel lines cross, giving birth to new worlds, universes, eons . . . like the crystalline dew of unstoppable creation. The fantasy of all living and dead designers of this Cosmos is the answer to the eternal question "Why?"

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