Pacific Coast Highway
by Christopher Franke (Electronic / New Age)

If you have ever driven along the PCH, you will understand why Christopher was inspired to create this piece of work, paying homage to what is certainly one of the most beautiful stretches of highway in the United States. The music accurately recreates the emotion and awe as you journey up the coastline with its green rolling hills and tree-lined cliffs on one side, then with just the turn of your head, the other lays forth an ocean sunset that, as this music will, take your breath away.

# Title Time Listen
1 Black Garden View 4:49
2 Mountain Heights 3:24 mp3
3 Lontano Mystery 5:05
4 Big Sur Romance 2:17
5 Driving Into Blue 3:01 mp3
6 Purple Waves 5:06
7 Malibu Avenue 4:23
8 Cinnamon City Cliff 3:25
9 Wheels on Beach Park 4:49 mp3
10 Sunset Destination 1:30
11 Crystal Tree 4:29 mp3
12 Electric Becomes Eclectic 3:40

Album Cover

Sonic Images Electronica
Sep 17, 1991

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Composed and performed by Christopher Franke
Additional Performance by the Berlin Symphonic Film Orchestra
Conducted by Brynmor Jones
Produced by Richard E. Roth and Christopher Franke
Recorded by Richard E. Roth


"Pacific Coast Highway is one of the most musically involving CD's I've heard in some time. Franke's Music is 
distantly reminiscent of Tangerine Dream's However, Franke's music is much more melodic and pleasing to the 
ear. Pacific Coast Highway is the perfect CD when you just want to sit back and enjoy the music." 
      -   Synthesis - America's New Age Newsletter