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About "Pacific Coast Highway"

Pacific Coast Highway is Christopher Franke's debut album for Private Music, though his relationship with the label goes back to the early days of Tangerine Dream, the electronic rock band co-founded by Peter Baumann (Private's owner and founder), Edgar Froese and Franke.

The album is Christopher's first solo effort, following an impressive career, with recording credits on thirty-six studio, live and soundtrack albums and composition credits for the music in thirty American feature films.

The twelve tracks on Pacific Coast Highway were composed and performed by Christopher Franke; the acoustic instruments range from piano, guitars and flutes to orchestral instruments, with solo and full tutti passages. The recordings of these instruments are partly untouched and partly electronically enhanced.

Black Garden View" is the opening number, presenting a broad sound with varied string instruments, a powerful bass-line, dreamy acoustic guitars and muted wind. The song wafts into "Mountain Heights" which is more of a rock tune with earthy electronic guitar and strong percussion.

"Cinammon City Cliff" is a haunting orchestral composition which demonstrates Christopher's stylistic breadth. A triumphant stand-out is "Wheels on Beach Park," an engagingly melodic number which finds the listener humming halfway through the first ploy.

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