Pacific Blue
by Christopher Franke (Soundtrack)

Featuring outrageous surf, swing and grunge tunes from composer Christopher Franke including the main theme "Just Another Day In L.A."

# Title Time Listen
1 Main Theme (Just Another Day in L.A.) 1:07 mp3
2 The Sky 1:55 mp3
3 Anymore 3:38
4 Mind's Eye 2:38
5 In A Pot Of Clay 1:41
6 Turn to Stone 4:10
7 Wicked Waves 1:36
8 Runaway 3:20 mp3
9 Dominique 2:22
10 Over The Falls 1:31 mp3
11 Black Sky 2:28 mp3
12 T.C. and Chris Roll 0:27
13 Palermo's Revenge 1:53
14 Baby I'm Gone 1:49
15 Blackbird 1:44 mp3
16 We Do It Like This 3:14 mp3
17 Victor Victorious 0:56
18 Come Tuesday 2:40
19 Venice Per Strut 0:30
20 Cory's Big Chase 1:15
21 End Theme (Just Another Day in L.A.) 1:00

Album Cover

Sonic Images Records
July 15, 1997

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Composed by Christopher Franke
Lyrics written by Christopher Franke
Recorded and produced by Scott Monahan
Recording assistance: Chuck Ferry
Mastered by Rudy Panke, Edgar Rothermich

Vocals: David Glickman, Randy Crenshaw Ryan Martin, Scott Monahan, Scott Urban,
Janis Liebhart Don Rudolph
Guitars: Zeke Zirngiebel
Bass: Stanley Mann
Keyboards: Christopher Franke
Drums: Stu Richards, Toby Scarbrough
Trumpets: Ralph Rickert
Sax: Lewis Taylor

Art Direction: Doerte Lau
Design: Andreas Adamec


"Enthusiastic tossed salad of rockin' songs by Christopher Franke. Music with a surf's-up attitude.
        -  P.L. Merritt - S.T.I.R. Magazine 

"Music to hit the beach with! Great surf-rock while waiting for the perfect wave."
       -    Rudy Kopple - Filmtraxx 

The soundtrack to Pacific Blue is comprisedentirely of music written and performed by Christopher Franke, who 
attempts to approximate the show's extreme Southern California mentality by layering the album with heavy rock, 
surf tunes and soothing instrumentals. For anyone who's a fan of the show, the results are familiar and entertaining, 
but for listeners unfamiliar with Pacific Blue, the soundtrack will be sporadically entertaining. Nevertheless, 
Franke's  instrumental facility and his capablity to emulate a number of styles makes the record  an impressive effort. 
    --  Stephen Thomas Erlewine, All-Music Guide