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About the Soundtrack "Pacific Blue"

With police departments in over six hundred Cities in the United States and around the world featuring cops on bikes an part of their law enforcement efforts, "Pacific Blue, seemed to be a concept whose time had come. And what better location to set a show featuring hard bodied young actors than the blue skies and white sind beaches of Santa Monica, California. But when Gary Nardino and I put together "Pacific Blue," it was important to us that the series be a true drama, with hard edged stories and realistic characters set against the fun, sun and rolling action we knew came along with Southern California.

After finding Jim Davidson, Paula Trickey, Darlene Vogel and Marcos Ferraez to star as our young officers, we looked to Rick Rossovich, a veteran feature film actor whose credits included "Roxanne" and "Top Gun" to anchor our team. With some of the world's best cyclists and stunt men including Hans "No Way" Ray and Brian Lopes in place, we looked for the last key ingredient to "Pacific Blue," the music.

The task was an enormous one. A contemporary, hard driving rock and roll song score was the only music that would underline the fast paced, high action bike chases. On the other extreme, the drama needed to be underscored in a more traditional manner to bring out the emotions and pathos of the scones. We wanted to evoke the California Surf Sound that the entire world has come to identify with over the last thirty-five years and we needed a main title theme that created an important first impression and captured the character and essence of the series.

Christopher Franke rose to the occasion in a manner we had not seen before in the two series and five feature films we had been involved with previously. His background brought a unique perspective to the blending of styles. His aggressive score and edgy lyrics brought to life the chase sequence from the opening moment of the pilot and we have not looked back since. Christopher's lilting melodies have underscored our characters' lives and the viewer never feels he's more than a few yards from the shoreline. The amount of music in each episode is more than twice that of a typical series, yet Christopher constantly impresses and surprises us with fresh and inventive pieces.

But perhaps as the greatest compliment of all are the two questions most asked about "Pacific Blue..." How do we do those stunts? And...Who does the music?

Bill Nuss
Creator/Executive Producer

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