by Christopher Franke (Electronic / New Age)

Once again, Christopher Franke proves that he is a musician with many musical faces who has the insight to avoid getting locked into one thing. And that, in a nutshell, is the true strength of this artist.

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1 Scattered Thoughts of a Canyon Flight 22:27 mp3
2 Inside the Morphing Space 21:01 mp3
3 Silent Waves 4:10 mp3

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Sonic Images Electronica
May 16, 1995

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composed and performed by Christopher Franke
recorded and produced by Richard E. Roth
mastered by Rudi Panke
cover design by Doerte Lau artwork by John Felton, Paul Maxon, Scott Mutter 


"...Franke's studio album Klemania illustrates just how versatile he can be..." 

   "...once again, Christopher Franke proves that he is a musician with many musical faces who has the
  insight to avoid getting locked into one thing. And that, in a nutshell, is the true strength of this artist." 
          -  Synthesis - America's New Age Newsletter 

"A member of Tangerine Dream during the group's glory years in the 70's and 80's, Christopher Franke
has taken the pioneering trio's space music sound directly into the 90's with a dynamic, compelling
electronic spacescape. The centerpiece is the multipart 'Scattered Thoughts Of A Canyon Flight.' It's a
riveting sequencer-propelled bungee jump into infinity. Roaring techno-influenced rhythms morph into
floating atmospheres and inventive, careening samples. Named for a Dutch electronic music festival,
'Klemania' was originally a limited edition, but has now been given a wider release."
       -  Billboard Magazine, Sept. 30, 1995 

Christopher Franke has traveled everywhere through his remarkable abilities on the keyboards. With
almost two decades as one third of electronic music's pioneering sound sculptors Tangerine Dream, Franke
has already defined himself as a formidable solo artist. Since leaving Tangerine Dream in 1988 he has
released a number of recordings, beginning with 91's Pacific Coast Highway, which solidified the German's
fascination with California-twelve finite songs done with a carefree spirit and a convertible car in mind. 

That car probably drove Franke to his job of scoring movies and television, (including Van Damme's sci-fi
thriller Universal Soldier and his sonically dramatic score for outer space's Babylon Five.) He even
managed to make CBS' Walker, Texas Ranger something to hear forward to every week. Now, with his
commissioned duties complete, comes his second official solo release Klemania. This is a welcome return to
the monumental compositions he created with Tangerine Dream during their prolific and last years on
Virgin Records roster. 

Klemania opens to great heights without a parachute. The freefall of aural effects Franke produces through
banks of keyboard technology area complete 360 of ferociously churning air bursts, consciousness
cleansing techno washes and solar-heated take-offs. There are no blind spots on "Scattered Thoughts Of A
Canyon Flight." This twenty-minute-plus track gently percolates, before reaching the serene shores of
physically inaccessible beauty through Franke's sense of sound and visualization. Safer than a tour plane
over the Grand Canyon, yet no less exhilarating. 

No need to swallow that peyote button. Klemania's got more mind-altering experiences than a Casteneda
streakfest. This is no PBS neo-classical retro-ride through Tangerine Dream's back catalogue, although
"Inside the Morphing Space" does take its opening queues from Tangerine Dream's Force Majeure through
White Eagle period. Even taking into account the formidable inputs of Edgar Froese and Johannes
Schmoelling, Franke's influence becomes all the more apparent on those classics. Spanning another twenty
minutes, "Morphing Space" takes you from wide-eyed wonderment through a false sense of confidence,
before Franke morphs your mind with the guttural sounds of rock and desolate darkness. Getting to the
core, you find rewards as radiant as a crystalline cave. Don't worry. Christopher also knows the way out,
with an assured beat and a melody as placid as a slow-moving river. "Silent Waves" closes Klemania with
droplets of sampled melodic percussion and a minimalist's structured mindset. 

Christopher Franke has created an escape from the daily dilemmas that bog down modern man. Like any of
Earth's natural wonders once visited, return visits conjure up new experiences and memories. Klemania
is just another wonder that Franke has shown us completely through his ears. His melodies are a soothing
closure to the frenetic pace his music can impart. Everybody leave the cities now, and don't forget to take
Klemania with you. 
         -  Flakk Magazine, 1995 

Christopher Franke is a former of Tangerine Dream, and each of the three compositions on this CD pay
homage to that seminal group in some way. Franke, however, builds upon his past experience to create a
wonderful new release that should be of interest to all who have an affinity for electronic music and 'Space

The first work on this disc is "Scattered Thoughts Of A Canyon Flight," a twenty minute opus that literally
takes the listener on a musical journey over a canyon. Starting off with a very upbeat dance feel, the first
half of the work reminds one of the music of The KLF. The composition then shifts to a quiet mode,
evocative of the Native American sounds of artists such as flutist R. Carlos Nakai. Ultimately building to
Tangerine Dream-style electronic sequencing at the conclusion of the work, Franke succeeds in sharing
with the listener the excitement of taking off in a plane and first viewing a canyon, the serenity achieved
after a few minutes of flight, and anxiety and mixed feelings associated with the knowledge that the
enjoyable trip is coming to an end.

The second piece, also over twenty minutes long, is titled "Inside The Morphing Space," and builds upon the
work of pioneering electronic artists such as Kraftwerk and Synergy. Opening with repetitive chord
progressions, this work is relaxing in a hypnotic manner. Throughout the song these progressions evolve,
with upbeat dance elements entering at about the eight-minute point and an eerie movie soundtrack feel
developing by about the twelve-minute mark.

The final work, "Silent Waves," a concise four-minute composition, clearly is an homage to Tangerine
Dream, and closes the disc with style. This is a wonderful CD, and is simultaneously exciting and relaxing.
It isn't strictly 'rock' music, but it is worth having in any collection, particularly for those who enjoy
'space rock' and electronic music. Highly recommended. 
          -    Jeff Berkwits, TAIL SPINS MAGAZINE