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About "Klemania"

"KLEMANIA" was a project born out of the annual electronic music festival in the Netherlands each summer called KLEM. Since Christopher Franke could not attend the festival in person, he greeted his fans with a new album just for them.

The album was released in 1993 in limited quantities in Europe as a special edition project, but the response was so overwhelming that KLEMANIA is now being generally released throughout the world in May 1995. The CD will be in stores shortly, and fans around the world are anxiously awaiting store arrival of what some say is "Christopher's greatest project to date!" After 18 years with Tangerine Dream and over 27 albums, this is quite an accomplishment.

Being a "Sonic Painter," Christopher Franke uses his music to create works of art. He rarely takes the commercial route and Klemania is no exception. The album contains over 45 minutes of music on 3 tracks that take the listener on a journey with musical stops at the conscious, the unconscious and many other senses in between. The first 4 minutes begin with a Techno-sounding electronic intro. and build to a crescendo that peaks the ears. The rest of the album blends styles which Christopher patterned in his years with "TD" as well as new directions in sound. Listeners who were not previously familiar with Tangerine Dream are now very pleased that Christopher is out on his own, where he can expose his music to a whole new group of music lovers. <

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