by Christopher Franke (New Age)

Epic is the first "Best of" collection from Christopher Franke, a former member of Tangerine Dream. This compilation contains many of his classic new age and melodic electronic recordings interwoven with several eloquent and graceful soundtrack score compositions.

# Title Time Listen
1 A Radiant Band Of Light 4:32 mp3
2 Morphing Space 6:15
3 Mental Images 3:39
4 Malibu Avenue 4:19
5 Love Scene 1:46 mp3
6 Dance Lesson 1:17
7 Woodland Watercolors 4:28
8 Flower Hill Trail 3:29 mp3
9 Viciente 5:24
10 Morning Ride 2:21
11 Sensual Persuasion 2:32
12 Silent Waves 3:44
13 Haleakala 2:47
14 lllumination 4:29
15 Sunset Destination 1:30
16 Mind Space 3:54 mp3
17 Stream Garden 3:37
18 Finale 3:28

Album Cover

Earthtone Record
April 20, 1999

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Music composed by Christopher Franke
Music performed by Christopher Franke and the Berlin Symphonic Film Orchestra

Recorded and produced by Edgar Rothermich
Additional recording by Rudy Panke / Mastered by Edgar Rothermich

Album A&R Direction, Concept  and Sequencing: Jeff Payne

Art Direction: Doerte Lau / Design: Doerte Lau and Wolfgang Fenchel

Special Thanks to James Redfield,  John Austin, John Diamond,  Deepak Chopra, Muriel Nellis,  Bert Barba, 
Bobby Roth,  Mike Morris, Jeff Payne and Robin Esterhammer.

Earthtone thanks go out to  Rod Linnum at Universal,  Brian McClemens at Borders  and all the Christopher Franke 
fans around the world.


Although he initially emerged as a member of the pioneering space-rock band Tangerine Dream, in recent years,
Franke has gained fame as a Hollywood composer. And while there are some tunes with Tinseltown origins on this 
18-track "Best of" disc, instrumentals such as the graceful "Morphing Space" and the pastoral (and previously
unreleased) "Sensual Persuasion" are actually culled from other sources. A couple of cuts are excessively 
sentimental, but folks interested in hearing the softer side of an artist generally hailed for his high-intensity
scores should relish this amicable album. 6/10.

Jeff Berkwits
The Illinois Entertainer
June 1, 1999

Former member of the pioneering electronic band Tangerine Dream and creator of the soundtracks for feature
films and television, Christopher Franke presents a collection of transcendent tracks that could be described
as poetry in song.  These include recordings from such albums as Enchanting Nature, Transformation of Mind
and The Celestine Prophecy - A Musical Voyage, the companion to the best selling book by James Redfield.
Also included are three previously unreleased tracks.  A diverse artist and a leader in the New Age music genre,
Franke combines electronics and various acoustic sounds to create a powerful “musical expression” all his own.

Music Design
July/August 1999