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Christopher Franke: "Epic"

Born in Berlin, Germany, Christopher Franke studied classical music and composition at the Berlin Conservatory. Besides developing a love for classical music, Franke also experimented in eclectic music with the electronic/new age band, Tangerine Dream. Between 1970 and 1988, Tangerine Dream enjoyed a very successful run, releasing over 36 albums and several motion picture soundtrack recordings.

After leaving Tangerine Dream in 1988 to explore new creative concepts and directions, Franke founded the Berlin Symphonic Film Orchestra in an effort to combine his signature "musical expressions" with an equal balance of orchestral, ethnic and electronic music. During this period, Franke released his first solo album, Pacific Coast Highway, followed by The London Concert in 1993. His passionate interest in nature and healing inspired Franke to release Enchanting Nature in 1996, which was met with worldwide acclaim and impressive sales. The response to Enchanting Nature paved the way for his biggest-selling solo effort to date, The Celestine Prophecy � A Musical Voyage. This majestic, yet sincere, musical companion to James Redfield's national best�selling book, The Celestine Prophecy, is considered by many to be one of the most creative new age albums ever produced in the genre. This was followed by a unique collaboration, Transformation Of Mind, which paired several poetic readings by Deepak Chopra, along with nine delicate compositions by Franke.

While being recognized as a major force in new age music, Franke has also garnered a tremendous amount of attention for several film and television scores including Babylon 5 and Tarzan And The Lost City. Franke is currently busy at work with his many film and television projects as well as sequels to some of his most successful new age albums.

Tracks 1 , 9 and 14 from the album "The Celestine Prophecy"
� 1996 Priority Records

Track 2 from the album "Klemania"
� 1995 Sonic Images� Records

Tracks 3 and 13 from the album "Raven"
� 1996 Sonic Images� Records

Tracks 4 and 15 from the album "Pacific Coast Highway"
� 1991 Earthtone� Records

Track 5 from the album "Night Of The Running Man"
� 1995 Super Tracks Records

Track 16 from the album "Transformation Of Mind"
� 1997 Earthtone� Records

Tracks 6, 10 and 18 from the album "New Music For Films, Vol.2"
� 1999 Sonic Images� Records

Tracks 7, 12 and 17 from the album "Enchanting Nature"
� 1991 Earthtone� Records

Tracks 8 and 11 previously unreleased
� 1999 Earththone� Records

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