Transformation of Mind
by Christopher Franke & Deepak Chopra (New Age)

Inspiring words, delicate, heart-opening music and gorgeous nature images all combine to create a key to unlock inner magic. A multi-sensory journey with Deepak Chopra reading from "Unconditional Life" in harmony with the breathtaking music of Christopher Franke.

# Title Time Listen
1 Mind Space 4:34 mp3
2 Lens of Perception 5:38
3 Glory Of Life 5:10
4 Change the World 4:23 mp3
5 Unconditional Love 6:35 mp3
6 Object of Referral 5:22
7 Magical Thinking 4:12 mp3
8 All Pervasive 5:28 mp3
9 The Natural Scheme of Things 3:47 mp3

Album Cover

Earthtone Records
Nov 11, 1997

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Readings by Deepak Chopra
selected from "Unconditional Life", a Bantam Book, 1991.
Selected poetry from Rumi, Tagore, Eliot and Coleridge. 

Music composed by Christopher Franke
Music performed by Christopher Franke and the Berlin Symphonic Film Orchestra
Conducted by Alan Wagner
Recorded and produced by Edgar Rothermich
Additional recording by Rudy Panke
Package design and multimedia program by TMA
Cover design by Doerte Lau 


Transformation of Mind is an ambitious project, merging Christopher Franke's evocative, hypnotic contemporary 
instrumentals with Deepak Chopra reading from his 1991 book, Unconditional Life. The recording is complemented
 by a multi-media section on its disc, one that features photography from  Bruce Heinemann. For listeners not in 
tune with new age philosophy, Transformation of Mind can seem indulgent, but it's a remarkably well-executed 
project from all standpoints, from Franke's music and Chopra's prose and poetry, down to Heinemann's  nature 
photographs. It's one of the true original works in the new age field during the  late '90s.

Rodney Batdorf
All-Music Guide

If your plans for 1998 include a healthier mind, body and soul and perhaps even trying something different, 
then consider Transformation of Mind. An innovative approach to positive thinking and inner healing, 
Transformation  of Mind integrates the inspired, New Age musical stylings of Christopher Franke with short 
motivational readings  from Dr. Deepak Chopra. An enhanced cd, it also features the beautiful nature 
photographs of Bruce Heinemann. 

Transformation of Mind's nine tracks offer an incredible blend of music, philosophy, imagery, and text. The music 
for this uplifting cd was composed by Christopher Franke and  performed by Franke and the Berlin Symphonic 
Film Orchestra. A founding member of the pathbreaking electronic trio Tangerine Dream with which he performed 
from 1970 until 1988, Franke has explored the diverse terrains of techno, trance, ambient and world music as a 
solo artist. On Transformation of Mind, he captures the spiritual and emotional elements of New Age music and 
transmits holistic energy throughout 45-minutes of lush and passionate  orchestrations. 

Rising and resonant flutes and oboes, soothing strings and melodic piano carry Dr. Deepak
 Chopra's words from passage to passage. Through a total of 20 minutes of readings, Dr. Chopra
    celebrates the integration of mind, body and spirit. Chopra reads short, inspirational
   selections from his 1991 best-selling book, "Unconditional Life," and carefully chosen
 passages from the poetry of Rumi, Tagore, and Coleridge. On this enhanced cd, playable on both
 PC and Macintosh, these words of wisdom and soundscapes are reflected in the intimate nature
     photographs of Bruce Heinemann. Heinemann's brilliant landscape photography and
 transcribed thoughts from Dr. Chopra are also featured in Transformation of Mind's beautiful
 24-page cd booklet. 

 Transformation of Mind is a unique multi-dimensional release which captures the essence of
 New Age music and philosophy. Michael and Debbie Duffey, co-founders of Duffey Digital and
 developers of the project, describe it as "a spa for the mind and software for the soul." So sit
back, relax and treat yourself to an incredible multi-sensory, multi-media experience. A new year, a new 
mind. . . Transformation of Mind

Deepak Chopra is a medical doctor who became an advocate of ancient Indian holistic medicine and healing 
methods. With that effort to enlighten the west, he became outspoken about further spiritual concerns and ways 
in which to deepen the mind through improving the body. 

This has dovetailed into his new release, a spoken word/music combination that brings together his writings with 
those of the spiritually inclined poets Rumi and Rabindinath Tagore and Samuel Coleridge. Though Chopra's 
concepts of Ayurveda and the mind/body unity have profound value, this release is something of an acquired 
taste. Chopra's Indian accent does convey some of the un-Westerness of the concepts, but at times just doesn't 
get the message across. The intentions are good here but the CD sounds like everyone's trying too hard.
Composer Franke gets thoroughly sentimental, which makes some of the music both pacific and treacly. He limits 
his themes, which serves the disc well but at times seems repetitious. In addition to voice and music, the booklet 
features photos by Bruce Heinemann and is an enhanced CD compatible with both MAC and Windows systems. 
This release offers quite a package- from sonic textures to fresh philosophy and worldview. 

August 1999