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About "Transformation of Mind"

Transformation of Mind is a guide to opening
the doorway to your own inner world.
The wisdom and healing power of Deepak Chopra's
readings and the musical enchantment and passion of
Christopher Franke harmoniously blend with the
touching nature photographs of Bruce Heinemann.

Music reflects thoughts, thoughts reflect images, images reflect music
a mirror of fantasy, consciousness and vision.

This enhanced CD contains audio, playable on any standard CD player, plus a 50 min. multi-media track for PC/Mac.

Chopra picture Deepak Chopra,
educational director of The Chopra Center For Well Being in La Jolla, California, is a pioneer in helping individuals maximize their ability to achieve success and fulfillment through mind body techniques. A best-selling author of both nonfiction and fiction and a leading, internationally recognized motivational speaker, Dr. Chopra is expanding the concept of good health and self-knowledge through a blending of Western medicine with the ancient techniques of Ayurvedic health care. The basic tenet of Ayurveda is that one�s physical health is the balanced integration of body, mind, and spirit.

Chris Franke Photo Christopher Franke
A former member of the pathbreaking electronic trio Tangerine Dream, his music incorporates visual components which suggest sculptures rendered in sound. His is a sonic language which transcends words, a hybrid of realized fantasy and healing energy. Franke's compositions function in a cinematic fashion with Chopra's readings, his music infused with philosophical insights and glimpses of the natural world.

Bruce Heinemann Bruce Heinemann
His fascination and love of nature inevitably led him to landscape photography in which he has been engaged for twenty years. His vision of nature is not remote, but close at hand. If beauty is indeed the language of nature, his photographs speak clearly.

"Transformation of Mind," a unique experience of sight and sound as readings from Deepak Chopra are blended with the musical work of Christopher Franke and nature photographs from Bruce Heinemann. Music, thoughts and images inspire each other on this nine track album to create a multi-sensory journey. It is the result of a one-year creative collaboration between Deepak Chopra, Christopher Franke and Michael Duffey.

"Transformation of Mind" marks a new concept in CD recording. It is not an audio book, as music and the spoken word share equal billing. The CD consists of 45 minutes of music, 20 minutes of which are overlapped by readings. On this enhanced CD, photographs are viewed as they blend one into the other. The listener follows the interaction of music, words and images.

This album contains philosophical insights and knowledge, the integration of mind, body and spirit - from Dr. Chopra's 1991 best-selling book "Unconditional Life," as recited by Deepak Chopra himself. The poetry of Rumi, Tagore and Coleridge are also celebrated with Chopra's selection of uplifting readings from these poets' inspirational works.

Utilizing a chamber orchestra marked by the lush and resonant sound of rising flutes, oboe and cello, Christopher Franke's romantic compositions carry the words along from passage to passage, further intensifying their meaning as well as commenting upon them with solitary interludes. Christopher Franke's musical reflection interprets Deepak Chopra's quotations and infuses their meaning with a melodic soul.

Nature as an art form visualized in the enchanting photographs of Bruce Heinemann provides a visual context for this multi-dimensional project. The 24 page booklet presents a selection of Heinemann's beautiful images along with some transcribed thoughts from Deepak Chopra. The photos and text meld with the aural landscape to stir the imagination.

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