Star Kid
by Nicholas Pike (Soundtrack)

# Title Time Listen
1 Magic Carpet Ride performed by Edgar Winter 4:22 mp3
2 Shadow In The Shade performed by Theresa Musser 4:20 mp3
3 Battle On Trelkas 5:07
4 Another Fun Day At School 1:03
5 Turbo Trouble 4:16
6 The Cybersuite Arrives 6:18 mp3
7 Turbo Takes A Spin 3:06
8 n The Fairground 4:37
9 Mom 2:01 mp3
10 Rearranging The Kitchen 1:56
11 Broodwarrior Arrives 1:42
12 On The Bridge 4:38 mp3
13 Anyone For Tennis 1:29
14 Home Improvement 6:31
15 Joyride To The Junkyard 3:34 mp3
16 Cy Runs Out Of Steam 6:47
17 Trelkins Arrive 2:46
18 Farewell To The Trelkins 2:35
19 Finale 2:42

Album Cover

Sonic Images Records
Jan 13, 1998

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Produced by Nicholas Pike
Executive Album Producer: Julianne Kelley
A&R Direction: Brad Pressman
sscore performed by The Munich Symphony Orchestra
conductor: Nicholas Pike
music recorder: Gary Thomas
recording assistant: Peter Fuchs
recorded at Bavaria Music Studio, Munich
copyist: Rudy Fuishers
contractor: Paul Talkington
music mixer: Shawn Murphy
mixed at Capitol Studios, Hollywood
orchestrations by Nicholas Pike, Andrew Kinney
music editor: Michael Jay
art direction: Doerte Lau
design: Andreas Adamec


Star Kid is a family film... starring Joseph Mazello of Jurassic Park fame.  The score is by Nicholas Pike, who
impressed on Sleepwalkers and Stephen King's The Shining.  For Star Kid, again on Sonic Images, he conducts
the Munich Symnphony Orchestra in another big symphonic score, which begins with the splendid action of
"Battle on Trelkas," which introduces a Darth Vader-like march, which crops up throughout the body of the score.
Early tracks such as "Another Fun Day at School" and "Turbo Trouble" present some nice sunny moments and
"Mom" is appropriately warm and tender.  "In the Fairground" is a good track, starting off purposeful then
becoming a semi-comic march.  Many of the succeeding tracks pit the villainous march against an heroic motif,
eventually given triumphant and then noble voice in "Trelkins Arrive" and "Farewell to the Trelkins," before the
score is brought back to earth, ending sunnily again with the "Finale."  The disc plays a generoud 70 minutes,
though there are two vocals by Edgar Winter and Theresa Muster, both of which fortunately start the disc,
allowing the score to function uninterrupted.  Another colourful accompanying booklet presents many stills from
the film and a tribute to Pike from its director.

Jeff Hall
May 1999