The Sentinel
by Steve Porcaro / John Keane (Soundtrack)

This album features songs and score from the first 2 years of this exciting show which stars Richard Burgi as police detective "Jim Ellison," a former army recon specialist.

# Title Time Listen
1 Main Theme 0:43 mp3
2 Coming Back To Me 4:13 mp3
3 As Good As She 3:40
4 No Mercy 4:51
5 Bus Chase 6:23 mp3
6 Car Chase 3:07
7 Ellison Love Theme 3:03
8 Banks Goes To South America 3:08
9 The Big Nasty 7:24 mp3
10 Blair's Love Theme 2:15
11 Warrior Suite 9:39
12 Iceman Love Theme 2:19 mp3
13 Red Dust Suite 8:39
14 The Big Nasty II 7:08
15 Nowhere To Run 4:28
16 Sentinel Act Out 0:17
17 Sentinel End Title 0:47 mp3

Album Cover

Sonic Images Records
Feb 10, 1998

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Main Title Theme by James Newton Howard
Music by Steve Porcaro and John Keane 

Music Supervisor: J Bradley Sevy
Art Director: Doerte Lau
Design: Andreas Adamec


"THE SENTINEL is an offbeat buddy drama that delivers solid, movie-style action in every episode."  
                   -Boston Herald 

  "THE SENTINEL is a hero who bears watching. The lead characters' mutual exasperation with each other
 lends a  "Lethal Weapon' buddy factor to 'Die Hard'-style adventures."’
                    -USA Today 

  "THE SENTINEL is a rip-raoring, action-packed, law-and-order hour that covers its emotional bases too. 
THE SENTINEL is practically a comic book come to life."
                   -New York Newsday 

"THE SENTINEL satisfies the most fundamental requirement of entertaiment television: it entertains."
                  -Houston Chronicle 

 "Anybody miss bionic television heroes? THE SENTINEL is strong in the pilot , as it lays out its 
intriguing  premise."
                  -Chicago Tribune