Superman - Lois & Clark
by Jay Gruska (Soundtrack)

Original themes and score from the award-winning TV Series Features all the love and villain themes from your favorite episodes and the new extended main title!

# Title Time Listen
1 Main Title 1:06 mp3
2 The Mother Ship 2:02 mp3
3 L&C Courting 3:13
4 The Final Proposal 2:02
5 Clark In The Country 1:45
6 The Final Battle 4:36 mp3
7 Lois' Big Band 1:14
8 Clark's Salsa 1:47
9 Superman Says Goodbye 4:25
10 Lois & Clark's New Home 2:53 mp3
11 Baby Dream Seq. 3:12
12 The Villains 7:27
13 Superman Flies Home 1:26
14 L&C' First Love Theme 1:26e
15 Virtual Reality 2:37
16 Tez Arrives 1:06
17 Zarah & Ching 3:51
18 Tempus 2:46
19 Clark Fun 1:25
20 Playing The Game 1:19
21 Main Theme Extended Mix 5:25 mp3

Album Cover

Sonic Images Records
Nov 11, 1997

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Music composed and produced by Jay Gruska
Mastered at Capitol Records, Hollywood
Digital editing, pre-mastering: Bruno Coon
Engineers: Greg Townley all orchestral recording, Michael Eric Hutchinson 
Bobby Fernandez "Main Title Theme" - recording & mixing 
Ray Pyle "Main Title Theme extended mix" - recording & mixing 
Art Direction: Doerte Lau 
Design: Andreas Adamec 



"A rousing yet delicately romantic adventure score, like Superman himself - it SOARS!"
        - P.L. Merritt - S.T.I.R. Magazine 

"High adventure in orchestral soundtrack scoring from Jay Gruska."
         -Rudy Koppl - Filmtraxx 

It is difficult to express just how important music is to the feel and texture of a film or television show. Try
watching a scary film with the volume turned down. It's not very scary is it? Music is essential in creating drama,
suspense, humor, heroism, love and virtually any other emotion known to mankind. Actors and Directors depend
upon talented musicians to help them get their message across to millions of viewers. 
Fortunately for Superman, Jay Gruska's outstanding musical score helped the Man of Steel be a hero, a son, a
comedian, a lover, and without a doubt, this music helped Superman fly!
        - Dean Cain