Little Boy Blue
by Steward Copeland (Soundtrack)

# Title Time Listen
1 Women Don't Like Nice Men (by Jennifer Gross) 3:30 mp3
2 Why Don't You Eat (by Zuzu Bollin) 2:54
3 Baby Please Don't Lie To Me (by Kim Wilson) 3:03
4 Blessed Are These Tears (by Doug Sahm) 4:13 mp3
5 My Heart's Ready (by The Derailers) 3:08
6 Dance With Who Brung You (by Asleep At The Wheel) 3:30
7 Main Title 2:40 mp3
8 Kids Catch Fish 1:39
9 Ray Pushes Up 0:55 mp3
10 Katie Finds The Book 1:20
11 Find Jimmy/New Family 0:58
12 End Titles 3:49 mp3

Album Cover

Sonic Images Records
July 14, 1998

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Recorded and mixed by Jeff Seitz
Mastered at Digital Outland by James Nelson
Musicians: EVI-Judd Miller Guitar: Michael Thompson
Music Editor for Film: Michael Dittrick 

Music Supervisor Frank Fitzpatrick
Executive Album Producers Brad Pressman and Frank Fitzpatrick

Stewart Copeland uses Sonic Solutions and Kurzweil Systems 
photography Alan Pappe
copeland photo Lisa Pressman 

DESIGN: Andreas Adamec