by Charles Fox (Soundtrack)

Original Television Soundtrack

# Title Time Listen
1 Main Title 3:58 mp3
2 The Child 4:52
3 Beastman 5:10
4 Beastmen's Lair 7:04
5 Fight And Escape 2:02
6 A Strange Land 3:43 mp3
7 Corella's Theme 3:27 mp3
8 In Love And War (TV Version) 3:12
9 The Magic Wind 2:38
10 Ruby Fruit Forest 3:00
11 Otli Enters The Village 3:15
12 Noble Warrior 3:30 mp3
13 Ahl Sohn Bar 1:50
14 The Sword Of Atlantis 2:40
15 A Friend Falls 2:02
16 The Emissaries 6:02
17 Conan's Victory 4:23
18 In Love And War (Record Version) 4:30 mp3
19 Main Title (Reprise) 1:04

Album Cover

Sonic Images Records
March 17, 1998

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Album produced by Charles Fox
Music EDITOR: Doug Lackey
AssisTanT Music EDiTor: Richard C. Stewart
DigiTALLY EDITED AND MASTERED BY James Nelson at Digital Outland 


"From galactic orchestrations to exotic atmospheres, the music of Conan grabs you and takes you to a land far,
 away. Close your eyes and you will enter a world of fantasy that is defined by sound."
                   - Filmtraxx Magazine 

 "Charles Fox's music has added The HEART AND SOUL TO OUR CONAN SERIES."
                   - Micheline Keller, EXECUTIVE PRODUCER