Chicago Hope
by Jeff Rona (Soundtrack)

"For music to compliment a drama like ours, with its conflict, heart and humor, it's best for the score not to intrude, in essence, not to be noticed. A contradiction? Not at all. Jeff Rona's scoring is perfect. So, listen!"

# Title Time Listen
1 Chicago Hope Main Title 0:52
2 McNeil Bets It All 2:18
3 New Hope 3:28
4 Bonding 2:57 mp3
5 The Boxer 2:13
6 A Lifetime Of Love 2:08
7 One Last Sunrise 2:08
8 We Need Help In Here 2:50
9 The Choice To Die 2:53
10 A Delicate Operation 1:37 mp3
11 The Author's Last Words 2:27
12 Deep Convictions 2:11
13 Why Do You Box? 2:07
14 Just A Boy 3:11
15 Kate's Comfort 3:15
16 Pablo and Flory 1:14
17 The Best Choice 1:35 mp3
18 Loyal and Real 2:10
19 Not A Clue 2:24 mp3
20 Resolutions and Conflicts 0:41
21 Joy to the World 2:51
22 A Gify Of Life 1:14
23 Be Happy For Me 1:31
24 Chicago Hope Original Main Title 0:52 mp3

Album Cover

Sonic Images Records
Nov 11, 1997

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Principal Musicians:
Trumpet-Mark Isham, Craig Hara
Guitars - Peter Maunu
Soprano Sax - Bob Shepard 
Oboe, English Horn - Marni Huffum, Leslie Reed 
Cello - David Low, John Walz, Martin Tillman 
Keyboards, flutes and whistles - Jeff Rona 
Piano solo on "New Hope" - P.J. Hanke 

Mixed by: Jeff Rona
Mastered by: Patricia Sullivan at A&M
Design: Andreas Adamec
Art Direction: Doerte Lau
Project Director: Tom Cavanaugh
Music Supervision: Carol Farhat


"A hearbreaking, hearwarming montage of moving lyrical passages forging lasting hope from despair."
          - P.L. Merritt - S.T.I.R. Magazine 

"Mark Isham delivers a beautiful smooth-jazz main theme, while Jeff Rona's score is to dream for."
          -  Rudy Kopple - Filmtraxx