Babylon 5 Vol.2 - Messages from Earth
by Christopher Franke (Soundtrack)

# Title Time Listen
1 Main Title 1st Season (Extended) 3:17 mp3
2 Messages from Earth 10:05 mp3
3 Main Title 2nd Season 1:30 mp3
4 Z’Ha’Dum 12:20 mp3
5 Main Title 3rd Season 1:31 mp3
6 Severed Dreams 15:37 mp3
7 Main Title 4th Season 1:29 mp3
8 Voices of Authority 11:26 mp3

Album Cover

Sonic Images Records
Feb 11, 1997

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composed by Christopher Franke
performed by Christopher Franke and the Berlin Symphonic Film Orchestra
conducted by Alan Wagner
choral director: David Franklin
recorded and produced by Edgar Rothermich
recording assistant: Rudy Panke

3D rendering, matte painting by Eric Chauvin
art direction: Doerte Lau
layout: Andreas Adamec 


I received "Messages From Earth" a couple of days ago. It's beautiful. It's wonderful. It's superb. It is moving.
It already belongs with the select few CDs on my list that I play when I need to lift my spirits. I've always
liked Chris' work, going back to Tangerine Dream. It's gotten even better, just as the show has gotten better
as time passes. I hardly know what to say. Words fail me. All I can say is: I'm going to be listening to this CD
over and over for quite a long time. 
         -  Meryl Yourish

I just recieved my copy of Christopher Franke's newest work "Babylon 5: Messages from Earth" distributed
by Sonic Images. May I congratulate mister Franke on this most excellent piece of art. I highly recomend that
anyone with 20 bucks to spare go order it NOW! It can be orderd through sonic images at I actually find this the second B5 sound track on par if not better than the original
because it keeps with the the show much more. I can't wait until the third release comes out (which may be
some time from now) and if it is at all plausable for all the sound tracks to be offerd on one DVD sometime in
the future so I can have 3 full hours of intense enjoyment. Thank you Christopher Franke and thank you
     -   Joshua Myles Roy Verrier)

I just wanted to say that I feel that the latest CD regarding Babylon 5 music is terrific. Congratulations on
doing wush a great job on the music. It is truly the type of music that you listen to and it affects you on an
emotional level. I am truly glad that they picked Christopher Franke for all the Music on the Babylon 5
series. I would ask] that you please forward my thanx to him, and the Berlin Orchestra, for being able to
create a musical ensamble that will last with me forever. 
       -    Sonic Images Feedback page 

I have to agree, though I'd put Severed Dreams back in there because of the music for Sheridan's death from
Whatever Happened to Mr Garibalidi? That seems to be the John and Delenn Love theme as well. Beautiful
harp. I'm also playing it on my computer CD (wonderful these things, aren't they?!) and the music is
breath-taking. I love both the albums. I actually found myself crying on one occasion listening to the first
one's Mind War track with the Requiem for the Line. How Franke manages to inject so much emotion into that
music I will never know, but I never tire of the stuff. I also bought Enchanting Nature as it was a Franke CD
and that's really good too. A bit different, but in many ways it fits in there just as well. If you like Franke's
stuff you'll probably like Enchanting Nature (probably does not mean certainly, but I've had a lot of people
listen who've gone out and bought it). 
       -   Dr Sharon Ney 

I wish to lead a round of applause for Christopher Frank and the Berlin Orchestra. First, the original B5
soundtrack took my breath away. Then, B5 Messages from Earth awed me. Perry Rhodan - Pax Terra, blew
me away!!! I am a curmudgeon by nature, so I am not used to being impressed. Perhaps it is NOT hearing the
strains of the music prior from the glass teat, but Pax Terra affects me on a deep emotional and primal level.
My best friend described the original B5 CD as "music to build empires by." I would in turn say that Pax
Terra is "my soul swimming in light." Deeply spiritual in nature. I learned about Pax Terra browsing your
web page and listening to the sample sound bytes. Many thanks, and I look forward to being consistently awed
by your companys fine selection 
         -    Cliff Curlee

Artist par excellence Christopher Franke is a marvelous composer, having provided superlative soundtracks
for a variety of science-fiction films and TV shows as both a solo performer and a member of Tangerine
Dream. On this eight-tune disc, his second release devoted to the Babylon 5 television program, he again
exhibits his astonishing ability to generate works that are truly spectacular and speculative. As he did on the
first volume, Franke has reorchestrated his soundscapes into complex and consummate suites. Four
programs, all from the series' third year, are represented, along with the opening title sequences from each
of the show's first four seasons. The phenomenal 15-minute-plus selection from "Severed Dreams," which
offers frenetic electronic effects interspersed with contemplative breaks, is clearly a highlight, as is the
impressive extended version of the first-season theme. Whether or not one is a fan of the TV adventure, this
collection represents masterful, majestic and inarguably magnificent music.
        -  Jeff Berkwits [from ASTERISM #7]