Babylon 5 - Episodics (#315)
"Interludes and Examinations"

Written by J. Michael Straczynski, directed by Jesus TreviRo

While Sheridan tries to understand the pattern behind the Shadows' seemingly random attacks, Dr. Franklin begins to feel the effects of long-term stim usage, and Londo awaits the arrival of his former love Adira.
A worried Garibaldi confronts Franklin about his drug use, and begins to make a few discreet inquiries about the doctor's recent performance. Sheridan is still dealing with the problem of Shadow attacks, and puts pressure on Kosh to get the Vorlons involved. Kosh finally agrees, and the Vorlon fleet destroys a group of Shadow ships- providing a much-needed morale boost for the alliance.
When Adira's ship arrives on the station, a covered body wheeled out is revealed to be Adira's. Londo believes she's been poisoned by his old political rival Refa, but in reality, the murder was engineered by the Morden, agent of the Shadows. Meanwhile, Morden and the Shadows break into Kosh's quarters and destroy him in a violent battle. The dying Kosh appears to Sheridan in a dream as his father and says good-bye.
Kosh's smashed encounter suit is later found, and the Vorlons request all effects be placed on his departing ship. Elsewhere, Franklin resigns his position, and a revenge-driven Londo renews his alliance with Morden...

The Babylon 5 storyline takes some major twists and turns with the third-season episode 'Interludes and Examinations,' in which several characters are forced to deal with major personal crises, an important character dies unexpectedly, and the Vorlons take an active part in the war against the Shadows. For series creator J. Michael Straczynski, the episode marked a dramatic line between the 'hero-cycle' and the 'myth-cycle' in his story arc.
Straczynski brings back a few familiar faces for this episode, including the evil Morden (seen here at his scheming best) to the dancing girl Adira, last seen in the first season's 'Born To The Purple.' Although Adira is only seen in flashbacks during 'Interludes,' her death provides a major catalyst for Londo's actions in future episodes.
For director Jesus TreviRo, 'Interludes' presented a number of technical challenges, particularly the violent showdown between Kosh and the Shadows. TreviRo also spent a great deal of time staging the heated exchange between Sheridan and Kosh, one of the episode's most emotional scenes.
Sheridan's father is played by Rance Howard, better known as real-life dad to director Ron Howard. Alien-wise, the metal suited Gaim are finally given a name (a nod to fantasist Neil Gaiman) and the Brakiri make their first major appearance... - Joe Nazzaro

Joe Nazzaro

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