Universal Soldier
by Christopher Franke (Soundtrack)

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

# Title Time Listen
1 Vietnam Jungle 1:33
2 The Explosion 1:40
3 Unisols on Fire 2:37
4 Mc Gregor 1:51
5 Grand Canyon 5:20
6 I'm Already Dead 1:45
7 The Truck 1:42
8 Escape from Airfield 6:15
9 Hoover Dam Takeover 5:30
10 Security Deposit 3:46
11 Going Home 1:54
12 The Fight 3:58
13 Back from the Dead 0:47
14 Finale 1:31

Album Cover

available from Sonic Images Records
Oct 13, 1992

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Music Composed by Christopher Franke
Performed by the Berlin Symphonic Film Orchestra
Conducted by Brinmor Jones
Recorded and Produced by Richard E. Roth
Executive Producer: Robert Townson
Mixed by Christopher Franke and Richard E. Roth
Recorded at Sonic Images Studios Berlin
Assistant Sound Engineer: Rudy Panke
CD Executive Assistant: Tom Null