by Christopher Franke (Soundtrack)

# Title Time Listen
1 Raven Theme 2:56 mp3
2 Wisdom of Love (performed by Jeffrey Meek) 3:46 mp3
3 Island Spirit 3:26 mp3
4 Don't walk away 4:06 mp3
5 Palm Beach 2:12
6 Change my Skin 3:43 mp3
7 See the Light 3:32 mp3
8 House of the Sun 3:19
9 Haleakala 2:51 mp3
10 Black Dragon 3:48
11 Secret Memories 2:46
12 Rain Forest Chase 3:54 mp3
13 Mental Images 3:43
14 The Yakuza 4:12
15 Guardians of Night 3:07
16 Ski and the Big Kahuna 2:21 mp3

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Sonic Images Records
April 13, 1993

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Composed by Christopher Franke
Lyrics by Christopher Franke
Performed by Christopher Franke and the Berlin Symphonic Film Orchestra
Guitars: Michael Thompson, Dean Parks, Doug Livingston
Vocals: Jeff Meek, Scott Monahan, Lynn Mabry, Lisa Soland
Saxophon: Steve Tavaglione, John West
Recorded and Produced by: Richard E. Roth
Mastered by Rudi Panke
Design by Doerte Lau, Darwin Foye 


 Christopher Franke's soundtrack to the television show Raven blends worldbeat, classical, jazz, rock and new age
 into a continually surprising, continually intriguing music. The music loses some power when seperated from the 
film, but it remains a wortwhile listen for Franke fans. 
                -- Rodney Batdorf, All-Music Guide