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About "The London Concert"

One year after the continual success of Christopher Franke "Pacific Coast Highway", Sonic Images/Varese Sarabande releases his second album on February 2, 1993, the Christopher Franke live recording of Circular Signs Suite, "The London Concert".

The album follows an impressive career, with Franke's recording credits on thirty-six albums studio, live, and soundtrack albums, and having composed the music for more than 30 American feature films, in addition to hundreds of live concert performances.

Christopher Franke is formerly of Tangerine Dream and first introduced the idea of using a synthesizer to express the imagery of the group's instrumental music. Today, through the use of music computers and sound samplers from acoustic sources, he is utilizing his long experience in electronic sound sculptures and sonic paintings in a brand new context, which will appeal to both classical and contemporary tastes and is featured on "The London Concert".

The five parts of the "Circular Signs Suite" and encore performances at London's Royal Apollo Theater on October 16, 1991, were composed and performed by Christopher Franke with a guest performance by Richard E. Roth.

"The London Concert" is unlike most live recordings, incorporating predominantly new material. Christopher Franke draws upon his musical knowledge acquired through twenty years of recording, composing, and performing. He has taken his melodies and motifs from his enduring compositions and transported them to a transcendant state. The many fans that have been inspired by Christopher Franke's compositions over the years can follow him on his journey into a new dimension of sound and tantalizing images evoked by the imagination.

The introduction to Circular Signs Suite, "Empire of Light", presents a powerful, mystical entrance into the captivating world of chaotic and harmonious polar opposites.

"Purple Waves", the core piece, fuses dynamic and ballad-like melodies, while sparkling cascades break through the hastening rhythms.

The revolving sound of "Cloudburst Flight" gradually coalesce into the consoling expanse of "Black Garden View".

"Vermillion Sands" closes the suite with pulsating sequences, rising to an uplifting and poignant crescendo.

The listener is also treated to three encore pieces.

For Christopher Franke fans, this live album truly delivers the spectrum of his unique style - multicolored impressions, dramatic sound sculptures and flowing sequences for which he is known.

Looking Back To The London Concert

The place: The Royal Apollo Theatre in London.
The time: the evening of October 21, 1991.

Expectation filled the air, for the audience knew that this was going to be a very special event. One enthusiastic fan named John had flown in all the way from Los Angeles just to be there that night, saying, 'Finally, he's back!'

There was good reason for this sense of celebration. After nearly three years absence from the stage, a very special musician was about to make his solo debut. The artist was Christopher Franke, a master of electronic music and an ex-member of the legendary electronic band Tangerine Dream. Chris' career with T. Dream spanned eighteen years, 27 studio albums, hundreds of live shows and dozens of soundtracks. In 1988, Chris left the band for a long break and also to plan his solo career. When Chris left, his many fans feared that they would never see him again. However everyone was in for a good show that night, for Chris was finally back AND at his best!

As Chris took the stage, the audience joyfully welcomed his return. Then the artist brought forth the songs of sonic magic that make up his 'Circular Signs Suite'.

He lifted his audience from the sounds of daily life and brought them into a deep, dark, chaotic universe. This journey took them back to the moment of first creation, back to the moment when the 'Empire Of Light' started to bring this universe to shining life.

Then 'Purple Waves' flooded this universe with harmonic colors. The music changed from chaotic to melodic. Then sequenced harmonies began to build, ebbing and flowing with greater intensity until the ecstatic rhythmic variations had the audience dancing in their minds.

All of a sudden, a familiar old melody gently came through. 'Cloudburst Flight' lifted the audience up into the air on a trip that awakened old memories of Tangerine Dream.

From there, Chris carefully guided his listeners back to his present work through a 'Black Garden View'. Rhythmic sequence then rose and raced on waves of pure energy in 'Vermillion Sands'. The journey finally ended from the vantage point of an eagle soaring near 'Mountain Heights'.

When Chris finally brought his audience back to earth that night, his fans were ecstatic. Even John thought it was worth coming from Los Angeles just for this concert.

Chris' fans have been continuously asking him to give them this evening's performance over again. That's why Sonic Images is proud to present Christopher Franke's 'The London Concert', available on CD and Cassette.

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