Enchanting Nature
by Christopher Franke (New Age)

The composer of the phenomenally successful "Celestine Prophecy," had palette full of color as he painted this thoughtful musical landscape in reverence to Mother Earth. This delicate and soothing tribute will stir your imagination, raise your consciousness and enrich your appreciation of the beauty that is "nature."

# Title Time Listen
1 Gate of the Shimmering Cave 2:11 mp3
2 Song of the Creek 5:06
3 Dancing Over Pools 3:09
4 Celtic Mist 3:51 mp3
5 When the Sun Loves Trees 3:29
6 Silence of the Eclipse 4:50 mp3
7 Stream Garden 3:40
8 Purple Waves 5:08
9 Malibu Trails 4:22 mp3
10 Beach Park 4:49
11 Big Sur Romance 2:18
12 Silent Waves 3:47
13 Woodland Watercolors 4:29
14 Inside the Cave 5:30

Album Cover

Earthtone Records
Aug 16, 1994

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Composed and performed by Christopher Franke
Additional Performance by the Berlin Symphonic Film Orchestra
Conducted by Brynmor Jones
Produced by Richard E. Roth and Christopher Franke
Recorded by Richard E. Roth


Tangerine Dream's influence on new age, ambient and recline is deep and undeniable. But that's all that
remains of this once-pioneering band, whose music became a digital cookie-cutter once it gave up analog
synthesizer and opened a film soundtrack production line. That's why Christopher Franke left the group
several years ago. Franke has released several albums and done some inventive soundtrack work for
Babylon 5, among other television shows. With Enchanting Nature (Earthtone ***1/2) however, he's
clearly surveyed the burgeoning gift market and tailored an album accordingly, recycling old tunes and
putting them in a package that's sure to move off the shelves of the Nature Company. 

The music is as evocative and well-crafted as ever, but facile nature themes lost their charm years ago,
and a musician as worldly as Franke knows it. Hyperlink instead to Klemania (Sonic Images, ****), his
techno-cyber probe released a few months earlier, which finds him traveling the spaceways propelled by
hard electronic grooves.