by Potsch Potschka (Flamenco / World)

Set sail with this delightful musical voyage to far off lands in a time of exploration and new discovery. The smoldering sounds of New Flamenco become guide and storyteller, transporting the listener back to a time when Old Spain was the cultural mecca of Western Europe. It's time to take your "Journey".

# Title Time Listen
1 Fiesta Sevillana 3:31 mp3
2 Baila Verena 4:03 mp3
3 El Picador 3:52
4 Follow The Dream Of Life 5:59
5 Alegria 5:42
6 Cathedral Of The Wind 5:24 mp3
7 Grazalema Plains 6:26
8 La Flor De Toledo 4:32
9 La Cosa De Dos Mares 5:51 mp3
10 The Day Is Done 5:57
11 The Old Streets Of Perpignan 4:46 mp3
12 La Gitana 4:31
13 Fantasia 1:20

Album Cover

Earthtone Records
May 18, 1999

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Inspired and sparkling flamenco played by the real master of the guitar; original  interpretations of well-known 
music.  These words come to mind when listening to the album "The Journey" by Potsch Potschka.  His music  
immediately touches the listener with its lightness and ease, combined with perfection of arrangements and 
inspiration of the performance.  This is a very beautiful album.

I need to say that "The Journey" is a debut solo project of Potsch Potschka, on which he worked as long as five 
years, beginning in1994.  Perhaps that is why the music of Potschka is nearly perfect.  It is worth noting that 
Potschka is a famous artist, once a member of the famous German  group The Nina Hagen Band.  Since then he 
has carried out many projects in Germany and in Spain.  Flamenco especially attracts Potsch Potschka, and his 
love to this music is completely reflected in "The Journey."

The sound of the album is very rich.  It should be mentioned that many  artists took part in the recording of "The 
Journey," who played various living instruments.  One can hear a guitar (Frank ONeil),  percussion (Minas Simon),
bass (Carsten Schmelzer), accordion (Tobias  Morgenstern), violin (Jansen Folkers), drums (Andy McGuiness), 
and even completely jazzy soprano saxophone (Dieter Irber).  Potschka himself perfectly  plays guitars, 
percussion, mandolin and keyboards.  "The Journey" is  one of those albums where all compositions are bright. 
You just want to listen to this album more and more.  Distinguishing any of the compositions is a rather 
conditional thing.  Still, I would distinguish the compositions  Alegria … Grazalema Plains,  which are remarkable 
for its rhythm.  There is something very delicate, mysterious, and at the same time subtly attractive in these 
compositions.  Not  tense and very light by its mood, The Day Is Done has reminded me  the music of Govi.

I advise you to find this album without fail.  Switch this music on and leave for a breathtaking journey through the 
world of the times of the good old Spain; the epic of great travels and incredible discoveries!

          Serge Kozlovsky
          Musical Gazette (Republic of Belarus)

          October 12, 1999