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Potsch Potschka: "Journey"

Potsch Potschka During the late 1970's and throughout the 1980's, pop fans all over Europe knew Bernhard Potschka as a member of two of the most important groups in German pop history: The Nina Hagen Band, whose first album is still considered internationally the best release by a German pop act ever, and Spliff, the pioneering act from Berlin, whose six albums set new standards (not only production-wise) for the German music scene.

In the years since Spliff disbanded, Bernhard Potschka (or "Potsch" as his friends call him) has involved himself in many projects in the German and Spanish music scenes � as a producer, musician, and composer. In addition, Potsch has built his own state of the art recording studio and currently divides his time between Spain and Berlin.

Since 1994, Potsch has been working on his first solo album, "The Journey." And it is in fact a journey, albeit a musical one, through all the different styles of music which have had a meaning in his life � the classical music (namely Beethoven, Dvorak, Smetans, Gershwin, Ravel), on which he was raised as child in his hometown of W�rzburg, the pop and rock music of the 1960's, which he discovered as a teenager, the jazz-rock of the 1970's, which fascinated him as a thriving young professional musician, and the ethnic styles (most of all Flamencos), which have broadened his musical vision in recent years.

Potsch has blended these influences into a rich colorful and highly personal style of instrumental music, which impressively and very entertainingly unfolds in the thirteen glorious originals on "The Journey."

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