Flames of Spain
by Nocy (Flamenco)

Flamenco sytlist, Nocy, conjures up images of travel and romance on this Earthtone debut. His love of the guitar is apparent in the translation from string to song, as he wisks you away to sunny destinations, full of intimate and romantic possibilities. Dance to the fire of “Mi Familia” or be swooned by the warmth of “My Love.”

# Title Time Listen
1 Mi Familia 5:39 mp3
2 Flames 1:07 mp3
3 Flames Of Spain 1:08
4 Gimme Some Latin 4:27
5 You Never Left Me Alone 5:40 mp3
6 Morena 5:39
7 Don’t Waste Your Time 5:48
8 Petite Prelude 1:14
9 Ya Madame 5:49 mp3
10 Loving You 4:42
11 My Gypsy Moments 4:14
12 My Love 4:54 mp3

Album Cover

Earthtone Records
Nov 11, 1997

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Nocy Karkour Guitars/Vocals
Enzo Todesco, Lance Lee Drums
Cassio Duarte Congas
Juan Nelson Bass
Brenda Lee Eager, Cydney Davis Background Vocals

Nocy plays custom made Kohno Guitars, the Pro J Cutaway and Maestro Cutaway. Many
thanks to Masaru Kohno for his handcrafted guitars that sound so beautiful 

All tracks written and arranged by Nocy Karkour
Published by nadnocy music (bmi) 

Produced by Carol Hovsepian
recorded at Track Records; Tracks 1, 4, 7 produced by Carol Hovsepian; recorded at
Tonewood, CA; co-produced by Nocy and Sonic Images 

All guitars recorded by Chuck Ferry. Mixed at Tonewood, CA 


 "Orchestra on Six Strings" 
"incomparable lightening fast guitar licks" 
   -  KNBC-TV
“His guitar playing is soothing, exciting, swinging and dynamic; his singing is folksy, sensuous and romantic" 
 "This music has a life force coursing through it"
 "Our phones were off the hook From our viewers!  Thank you Nocy!" 
   - C. Smith, producer KNBC TODAY

--------Reviews from amazon.com customers:---------------

Amazing energy!  If you have a chance, catch Nocy at the Bellagio in Las Vegas - he is such an amazing performer 
and the entire audience is awestruck! You can't even imagine the energy. His music is wonderful and the CD is one 
you can listen to over and over! 
The Noc-Dawg is the best!!!!  Nocy's music is filled with power and pasion. His technique is explosive and intricate. 
This is a great CD and I look forward to more in the Future. His show in Vegas is the best I've seen. 
A new star is born. When i first heard Nocy's music It felt like something magestic. The more I play Nocy's music 
the more I feel strong positive and happy. It is like listening to the voice of angels. Thank you Nocy.Your music is 
Pure . God bless.Nadia. 
Beautiful ... It isn't easy to talk or find words about Nocy's music. Just put the CD on, get your love next to you, 
close youreyes, and let go ... 

"Flames of Spain" touches your soul and takes you on an incredible journey. This CD blends captivating rythems 
with Nocy's sultry guitar mastery for an irristable combination. The passion and spirit of Nocy's music surpasses 
everything you've heard before. Don't miss this CD!!!!!!! 

A Most Amazing Talent!  Refreshing, sexy, hypnotic, this Artist has his guitar fingers on the pulse of entertainment!!!! 
A must buy for any music listener. 
Flames of Heart. I felt blessed running into Nocy's performance at the Las Vegas Mirage May '98. His music struck 
me instantly as pure and vital. His mastery of rhythm and intonation fused with heart and mind offer a banquet to 
the soul. "Flames of Spain" captures the fire of his live performances. If you like the excitement of flamenco guitar, 
you will love the virtuosity of Nocy. 

In this CD you learn what is guitar's feeling look like 
I never heard a guitar solo that looks like a human being trying to tell me what it feels like, and how does it feel 
when its in Love. This CD has a romantic, sensitive, and lovely guitar that sings with the band. It takes you far 
away in your thoughts and let you dream of what ever comes in mind.