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Nocy: "Flames of Spain"

He's called an "Orchestra on Six Strings" (PASADENA WEEKLY) with "incomparable lightening fast guitar licks" (KNBC-TV). "His guitar playing is soothing, exciting, swinging and dynamic; his singing is folksy, sensuous and romantic" (CALIFORNIA JAZZ NOW). "This music has a life force coursing through it" (LOS ANGELES READER). "Our phones were off the hook! >From our viewers! Thank you Nocy!" (C. Smith, producer KNBC TODAY).

Nocy's critically acclaimed music is the result of a wide range of musical traditions. His original work blends classical and flamenco with contemporary guitar. Various styles in Nocy's music, including Gypsy guitar, Spanish fandangos and even a dash of rock 'n' roll, create a rich and masterful mix.

Los Angeles based Earthtone Records is excited and proud to release Nocy's Flames of Spain album worldwide in April 1997. Nocy's concert audiences agree that the romantic instrumentals and rhythmic ensembles contained on this album stir human emotions, energizing and motivating all ages.

Nocy Karkour was born in Lebanon. He was schooled at the Paris Conservatory for Classical Guitar where he graduated in 1982 and continued studying privately with Betho Davezac, one of Andr´┐Ż Segovia's finest students. Nocy has also mastered flamenco Brazilian jazz and gypsy guitar. He has played with some of the best guitarists in Europe including Larry Coryell and Phillip Catherine in France and Denny Wright in London.

From 1987 to 1989, Nocy played with Buddy Miles at the Montpelier Festival and accompanied famed gypsy guitarist, Manitas de Plata. He performed in the best theaters and clubs in Europe and subsequently signed a 1990/91 recording contract with French label Zone Music.

Nocy makes his current home in Los Angeles and appears at the Las Vegas Mirage Hotel. He has received national and international recognition, headlining festivals and concerts worldwide. Nocy has recorded with Jon Anderson of Yes, Baba Karam and Kenny G. He has performed live with pop singer Rod Stewart and Isreali singer Shimi Tavori. Nocy and his ensemble were picked from thousands to perform at the opening ceremonies of the 1994 World Cup competition in Los Angeles. He continues appearing live with his band on television shows such as KNBC Today in L.A. as well as on various international cable shows such as Ritmo Latino, Korean TV's The Johnny Yune Show and French TV from Paris. Recently, the Motion Picture and Television Council awarded Nocy the Golden Halo Award of High Esteem for Best New Artist in recognition of composition and arrangement of music licensed by Sony/Triumph Pictures for the motion picture, Nina Takes a Lover. Nocy is sponsored by Takamine and Ovation. He records with Masaru Kohno guitars which are custom made for him.

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