Entwined & Entranced
by Govinda (Pop / Ambient / World)

Govinda's sophomore recording Entwined & Entranced combines modern day trip-hop electronica, melodic new age, classical Indian and Middle Eastern atmospheres and spacey percussion effects to create an exotic, highly spiritual and sonically imaginative musical journey.

# Title Time Listen
1 Quintessence Of Dust 3:32 mp3
2 Erotic Mystics 4:30 mp3
3 Compassion 3:48
4 Le Zephyr 4:23 mp3
5 Aspetta 3:20 mp3
6 Temple Of Spheres 4:21
7 Next To Godliness 5:32 mp3
8 Floating On These Tears 4:03
9 In Through Time 4:12
10 Scripture Of The Anima 4:20
11 Split Between Two Worlds 3:57
12 Celebratum 5:19

Album Cover

Earthtone Records
Oct 19, 1999

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Govinda: violin, guitar, vocals, sarod, drums, samples and programming
with the exception of the following:

Clarita Sanchez: spoken word on "Erotic Mystics"
Amy Atchley: vocals on "Le Zephyr"
Brian Berry: percussion on "Temple Of Spheres"
Jeremy Bruch: drums and percussion on "Temple Of Spheres"
Oliver Rajamani: tabla on "Next To Godliness"
Katherine Kaliski: vocals on "Scripture Of The Anima"
Bella O'Madden: baby samples on "Aspetta" and "Celebratum"

All songs composed and produced by Govinda
Recorded at Andromeda Studio
Mastered by Jerry Tubb at Terra Nova

Design: Andreas Adamec
Artistic inspiration: Andrea Burden
A&R Direction: Jonathan  Miller, Brad Pressman  	



Govinda, a.k.a. Shane O'Madden, has a magic touch when blending diverse elements such as guitar, 
programming, violin and sarod to create an enticing electronic music with hints of the Middle East, India, and 
British Isles.  "Erotic Mystics" is such an example, with its heavy hip-hop beat below the crying of the sarod and 
Clarita Sanchez's delicate spoken word.  "Aspetta" wraps sounds of Celtica around O'Madden's unadorned vocal
callings, while "Next to Godliness" recalls the  elevated, vocal praising of Sufi qawwali and ragas. Spanish guitar 
dominates the album early on with "Quintessence of Dust" and the intriguing "Compassion," a trip-hoppy dance 
endeavor that's laced with treated voice and electronic programming.  "Le Zephyr" somehow manages to make a 
tinkly piano à la George Winston work with the ethereal soul of Amy Atchley's vocals--again manifesting 
Govinda's alchemist talents. 
Karen K. Hugg
November 22, 1999

Govinda’s Entwined & Entranced takes you on a journey of soulful chant vocals and trance-type rhythms.
Govinda combines instruments and music from India and fuses them together with the style of groups like Dead
Can Dance and Bjork.  New Age rock with a relaxing jive-groove twist of Ragas, Celtic and Flamenco is the only
way to describe this CD.  When Govinda performs live, they are a cross between a rave, a traditional Indian
concert and the Cirque du Soleil.

Barbara Sabatino
New Living Magazine
December 1999