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"Govinda: Entwined & Entranced"

Govinda's sophomore recording Entwined & Entranced combines modern day trip-hop electronica, melodic new age, classical Indian and Middle Eastern atmospheres and spacey percussion effects to create an exotic, highly spiritual and sonically imaginative musical journey.

Govinda introduces the seductive, hypnotic nature of the collection with the provocative and mystical "Dance of the Erotic Mystics," a piece blending sharp, rhythmic funk textures with the soaring strains of a lead violin melody. The moody, mysterious "Temple of Spheres" features a trance-inducing vocal track swirling around a graceful acoustic guitar melody, a vibe that continues with violin harmonies through the trip-hoppy cool of "In Through Time." The atmospheric "Quintessence of Dust" weaves tender flamenco guitar grace with a cool electronic vibe and a distant vocal choir.

"Floating On These Tears" is a poignant new age statement that mixes mystery with bright optimism, while "Le Zephyr" floats along a breeze of dreamy female vocals. The sitar melody of "Next To Godliness" breaks with the kind of vibe Ravi Shankar might experience if he dug into some hip hop grooves. "Aspetta" tells an instrumental story of growth by mixing computer generated children's voices with a soaring adult vocal and easygoing harp melody. The repetition of the word "holy" over a cool, throbbing bass and percussion groove forms the gentle hypnosis of "Scripture of the Anima" before "Celebratum" sways with a gentle twist of spiritual vocalese, dreamy atmospheres and a soaring violin harmony. Closing the set is the spacey electronic-influenced "Deeper into Love," which features spoken female vocals, exotic African flavored chanting and a precious new age piano melody. All in all, the album lets the listener experience a multitude of musical influences from around the world.

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