content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1"> F.R.E.U.D.: "Time Passengers"

Time Passengers
by F.R.E.U.D. (New Age / Vocal)

Imagine a place where voice and melody hold you in breathless amazement. This modern, European pop/new age “Fairyland,” is full of richly layered vocals, reminiscent of Enya. The dreamy and trance-like mood is further expanded from the effective use of acoustic instruments and choral touches. “World of Wonder” with its “Orinoco Flow” overtones, is simply brilliant

# Title Time Listen
1 World of Wonders 4:03 mp3
2 Skies above Loveland 3:20
3 Euphoria 4:12 mp3
4 The Miracle Of Moona 6:12
5 Eternal 4:54
6 Fairyland 5:09 mp3
7 History of the Sandman 4:47
8 Time Passengers 5:43
9 Sleep 6:48 mp3
10 Rain Temple 6:11
11 Minuit 4:59

Album Cover

Earthtone Records
Sep 15, 1998

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F.R.E.U.D. is: 
CORA O'DONOVAN from Dublin/Ireland, Lead Vocals 
INGO HAUSS from Hamburg/Germany, Compositions/Keyboards 
HAYO PANARINFO from Hamburg/Germany, Lyrics/Percussion 

All Tracks written and produced by Hauss/Hoinkis/Panarinfo
co-produced by 3-Gee 

All titles published by MATIZ/Warner Chappell Music
A&R Coordination by Brad Pressman
Design by Susanne Krebs
Additional design by Andreas Adamec
Licensed from Glenn A. Payne/MATIZ 

Supported by a lot of other fine musicians from all over the world:
Lydia Kavina - Theremin / Folke Jensen - Electric & Synth Guitars
Jsrg Sander - Acoustic Guitars
Wolfgang Meier zu Eissen,Katja Bolotova,Ruth Rompf - Violin
Martin von Hopffgarten - Cello
Thomas Maxeiner,Sussan Djanbakhsch,Myriam Jantoss,Dieter Hohlheimer - Choir 

The album was recorded at FLUID Studios Hamburg/Germany
Additional vocal production at TJP studios Southhampton/UK
International management and licensing: Glenn A. Payne/MATIZ UK,
Tel. UK 44 1322 289459 - 86, Fulwich Road, Dartford - Kent DA1 1UT - England 

Thanks to Hans, Rolf, Glenn, Patrick and Clyde!
Also a very special thank you to our friends at Sonic Images/Earthtone.


F.R.E.U.D. is composed of Cora O'Donovan from Dublin on vocals, Ingo Hauss from Germany on keyboards, and
Hayo Panarinfo, also from Germany, on percussion.  They have crafted a sound that will undoubtedly get
compared to Enya, especially the densely layered vocals.  But while Enya uses her own voice, F.R.E.U.D. 
includes a gorgeous chorus to back up O'Donnovan.  Another difference is in the percussion.  Time Passengers
features urban dance grooves that set off the soaring vocals.  The lyrics are New Age paeans to euphoria, joy 
and connection with the sacred.  A host of musicians fills out the richly orchestrated sound, including electric
and acoustic guitars, violin and cello.  The stunning result is a gorgeous album with anthemic melodies and
inspiring vocals.  A couple of favorites include the aptly named “Euphoria.”  An Enigma-esque groove drives this
tribute while the soaring chorus and upbeat melody bring the message home.  Another treat is “The Miracle of
Moona,” with wordless vocals and an inspiring melody leading to lyrics about the power and mystery of the
ancient highlands.

Steve Ryals
New Age Retailer
May/June 1999