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F.R.E.U.D.: "Time Passengers"

About the release:
Time Passengers by F.R.E.U.D. is the most recent offering from the chart-topping German songwriting and production team, Ingo Hauss and Hayo Panarinfo. Originally intended to be a purely instrumental electronic work, the "Time Passengers" project evolved into a unique song-oriented hybrid upon the chance addition of Irish vocalist Cora O'Donovan. The young singer had submitted a demo to the two producers and upon playing it, they recall, "We knew that we had to incorporate Cora into F.R.E.U.D."

O'Donovan's crystalline voice, evoking images of misty highlands, floats above Hauss and Panarinfo's musical combinaton of modern electronic sounds and more traditional acoustic sounds such as mandolin, a string quartet and a classical choir. The result is a musical voyage through time, space, fantasy and a web of emotions � from the joy of the opening track, "World Of Wonders" to the hopeful "Eternal" to the tranquil "Sleep."

About the artist:
Hailing from Hamburg, Hauss and Panarinfo, along with writer/producer Helmut Hoinkis, began working together in the early 80's. Among their writing and producing credits are the songs "Ritmo de la Noche," which (performed by the group Chocolate in 1989 and by the group Mystic in 1990) became a dance classic all over Europe and South America and "Das Boot," which (performed by the group U96) went to number one in several countries. With U96, Hauss, Panarinfo and Hoinkis were also responsible for several other hit songs, including "I Wanna Be A Kennedy," "Love Sees No Colour" and "Heaven." In addition, the talented team has done remixes of Aretha Franklin's "Think," Sting and Eberhard Schoener's "Why Don't You Answer" and Diana Ross' "Upside Down."

Vocalist Cora O'Donovan hails from County Cork in Ireland and after her demo made its way to the production team, they incorporated it into the TIME PASSENGERS release and the group F.R.E.U.D.

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