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Soma Sonic: "Future"

About The Artist

Formed by brothers/producers France and Dom who have been working together for the past three years. Dom was involved in the trance/techno project ADSR in the early to mid-90's. France, along with managing ADSR was a fashion stylist/art director in New York City. After many years of dabbling around with music the duo were finally able to get together to work on music full time three years ago with Soma Sonic being the result.

"With future-forward innovation and style, Soma Sonic deliver aural textures on the darker side of the electronica spectrum and scratch beneath the surface of their ambient trip-hop appeal. As an independently released CD, Future shows us the brilliance of what two brothers can do when left to their own devices."

About The Album

In the world of electronica, it's difficult to find a group that seamlessly mixes through the various genres while maintaining an essential sound. Soma Sonic, a group led by two brothers from Canada, have that elusive ability. Dominic and Francois Paterson combine cavernous layers of music to offer a powerful dose of deep listening. After brushes with major-label courtship and an influential encounter with Moby, the two decided to control their own destiny by releasing this self-produced album through independent channels in Canada before now making their label debut on Sonic Images Electronica distributed by Universal´┐Ż And so they have arrived. The group fashions downtempo cadences that linger in the air; the effect is refined by the tranquilized vocals of two alternating female singers, droning guitars and brassy synth tones. The concluding portion of the album advances into snared drum and bass, electro and a symphonic acid-trance selection wrought with the same tension as an Orbital track.


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