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Mark Shreeve: "Nocturne"

Hailing from the East Anglia region of England, Mark Shreeve is one of the most talented and successful synthesists performing in the United Kingdom and with the release of his 5th album "Nocturne" asserts his place amongst the most accomplished musicians in the industry.

"Nocturne" will be Mark's first album since the 1988 release of "Crash Head". The word "Nocturne" literally means 'a piece of night music' but by his own admission he chose the title because he simply liked the sound of the word, and he felt that it represented the tone of the album well.

Mark describes his music as "electronically alternative with an edge" and his hopes for this album are that just maybe this style of musical expression will penetrate some of the markets yet to embrace it fully. He thinks the song "Ride The Lightening" will show you what he means.

There are no immediate plans for Mark to embark on a full scale tour but he will be playing the Klem Festival in Holland in October 1995 and this comes on the heels of his impressive performance at the EMMA festival last year in England.

Although there exists a 7 year gap between his last album and Nocturne, Mark has not been inactive in the slightest. He was writing pop songs for Samantha Fox in the late 80's and has been responsible for 3 soundtracks most recently "Honor Bound" in 1990.

Amongst his earlier influences were King Crimson, but the opportunity to work with Christopher Franke, formerly of Tangerine Dream, was a hugely significant event in his career. Of todays artists, Mark says his is very impressed with Portishead and Suede, but still enjoys the sound of Jean Michel Jarre, the Sex Pistols and Mozart.

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