Elevation 3
by Various Artist (World / New Age / Ambient /Compilation)

The third in our series, exploring new sounds in electronica and groove with layered keyboards, violin, cello, percussion, horns and voice samples. From the elegance of Moby to the ethnic ambience of Ikarus, the album provides a perfect mood-setting environment for all occasions.

# Title Time Listen
1 Love Song - Ronan Hardiman 4:08 mp3
2 Rushing- Moby 3:00
3 Lost- Balligomingo 5:16
4 Lunch With The King-Thomas Newman 2:25 mp3
5 Through The Seas Of Life - Pilgrimage 4:55
6 Aspetta - Govinda 3:20
7 The Garden - Faithless 4:30
8 Blueskies - Soma Sonic 3:42
9 Bassment - Ikarus 5:30
10 Peaceful Village - Yasue 4:20
11 Soul Of Desire - Phobos 6:24 mp3
12 The Sun, The Moon And The Stars - The Spirits of Eden w/ Davy Spillane 4:17
13 Shades Of The Otherworld - Dagda 3:05
14 Celtic Groove - Clair Marlo 4:40 mp3
15 Enchantment - Alkaemy 3:30

Album Cover

Earthtone Records
April 4, 2000

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Love Song
          Performed by Ronan Hardiman - Written by Ronan Hardiman
          Taken from the album Solas
          Published by Polygram Island Music (PRS) - (p)&(c) 1997 Polydor Ltd. (UK)

          Performed by Moby - Written by Moby
          Taken from the album Play
          Published by The Little Idiot (BMI)/
          Warner-Tamerlaine Publishing Corp. (BMI) - (p)&(c) 1999 Rave New World
          under exclusive license to V2 Records, Inc.

          Written, programmed and performed by Balligomingo - Guest vocals by Camille Miller
          Mixed by Greg Reidy
          Taken from the forthcoming album Beneath The Surface
          Published by Experience Soundescape Productions (BMI) - (p)&(c) 2000 Experience Soundescape Productions

Lunch With The King
          Performed by Thomas Newman - Written by Thomas Newman
          Taken from the soundtrack American Beauty
          Published by Cherry Lane Music Co. (BMI) - (p)&(c) 2000 SKG Music LLC

Through The Seas Of Life
          Performed by Pilgrimage - Written by Simon Cloquet and Eric Calvi
          Taken from the album 9 Songs Of Ecstacy
          Published by Pilgrimage Music (ASCAP) and Invisible Path Music (ASCAP) - (p)&(c) 1997 Point Music

          Performed by Govinda - Written by Shane O’Madden
          Taken from the album Entwined & Entranced
          Published by Shane O’Madden (BMI) - (p)&(c) 1999 Earthtone Records

The Garden
          Performed by Faithless - Written by Rollo and Sister Bliss
          Taken from the album Sunday 8PM
          Published by BMG Songs, Inc. (ASCAP) - and Warner/Chappell Music Limited (PRS)
          (p) 1998 Arista Records, Inc. - (c) 1998 Cheeky Records Ltd.

          Performed by Soma Sonic - Vocal samples by Amanda Weiss
          Written by Francois Paterson and Dominic Paterson
          Taken from the album Future
          Published by Subsonic Recordings (SOCAN) - (p)&(c) 2000 Sonic Images Electronica

          Performed by Ikarus - Written by Wolfgang Stindl and Harald Pairits
          Taken from the forthcoming album Touch The Sun
          Published by Treadstone Music (BMI) - (p)&(c) 2000 Sonic Images Electronica

Peaceful Village
          Performed by Yasue - Written by Yasue
          Taken from the album Cosmic Pandora
          Published by EMI Music Publishing Japan (JASRAC) -  (p)&(c) 1997 Cosmic Factory, Inc.

Soul Of Desire
          Performed by Phobos -  Written by Marc Adams Allison
          Taken from the album Phobos
          Published by Buddha Head Music (BMI) - (p)&(c) 1999 Neurodisc Records, Inc.

The Sun And The Moon And The Stars
          Performed by The Spirit Of Eden - With Davy Spillane
          Written by Jimmy Smyth
          Taken from the album The Sun And The Moon And The Stars - Published by Copyright Control
          (p)&(c) 1998 Celtic Heartbeat Ltd.  and Universal Records, Inc.

Shades Of The Otherworld
          Performed by Dagda - Written by Reg Keating
          Taken from the album Celtic Trance
          Published by KT Music (PRS) - (p)&(c) 1999 Paras Recording Company and Owl Records

Celtic Groove
          Performed by Clair Marlo  - Written by Clair Marlo
          Taken from the forthcoming album The Voice
          Published by Tarzana Jane (ASCAP) - (p)&(c) 2000 Earthtone Records

          Performed by Alkaemy - Written by Julia Taylor Stanley and Miriam Stockley
          Taken from the album The Merlin Mystery
          Published by Warner/Chappell Music Limited (BMI) - (p)&(c) 1998 Earthtone Records

Album Compiled by  Brad Pressman
Mastered by  Erik Loponen and Nick Rawson at The Other Studio (Toronto, Canada)
Design: Doerte Lau, Wolfgang Fenchel


The record label Earthone Records has just released the third volume of the ELEVATION series, the new CD being 
- in my opinion - the coolest so far!  Among the artists present here are Faithless, Govinda and Moby; the sound 
is extraordinary (through the variety of compositions) and it will play well as background for any occasion!

          Marian Minculescu
          Music Box Magazine (Romania)
          May 4, 20000

One of the better compilation series in circulation, ELEVATION 3 and its offspring (particularly this third volume) 
are very appealing samplers targeted to listeners with an appetite for world/mystic/ambient/groove music. 
Showcasing 15 acts, ELEVATION 3 is a feast of largely stellar tracks from the seductive, slow-twitch zone of the 
electronica spectrum.  Opening with the gorgeous 1997 New Age pop hit "Love Song," by Ronan Hardiman, the 
disc moves from one delicious track ("Rushing" from Moby) to another (the Delerium-like "Lost" by Balligomingo. 
While not flawless (we could have been spared the childlike chanting of Yasue on "Peaceful Village"), the album 
is loaded with gems, including the beguiling, jazz-tinged throb from Soma Sonic ("Blueskies"), the subsonic 
stealth funk of Faithless ("The Garden"), and the whispered-in-your-ear  passion of "Soul of Desire" (by Phobos). 
As soon as you exit, on Alkaemy's ethereal "Enchantment," you yearn for the disc to begin anew. Anyone 
attracted to "moods"-related samplers should investigate this one. Splendid listening.
          Terry Wood
          Amazon.com Editorial Reviews
          May 9, 2000