Elevation 2
by Various Artist (New Age / Vocal / Compilation)

The second in the definitive collection of world-rhythmic and trance-ambient artists that are available in the genre today. Listen to Aria's soaring hypno-opera or to Enigma and b-tribe's dynamic blend of ancestral sounds and modern grooves, then prepare for your own spiritual "Elevation."

# Title Time Listen
1 Secret Tear (by Aria) 7:17 mp3
2 Compassion by (The Spirit Of Eden) 5:06 mp2
3 Suave Suave (by b-tribe) 5:19
4 Jasconius (by Jeff Johnson) 4:42
5 Near The Black Forest (by Vanessa Daou) 4:44
6 Shadows In Silence by Enigma) 4:26 mp3
7 Lullaby (by Chorus Of Tribes) 5:45
8 Beauty In All Things (by Ascension) 3:55 mp3
9 Trust (by Patrick O'Hearn) 4:32
10 Blue (by Frank Van Bogaert) 2:50
11 June (by Mythos) 4:58
12 Lovers In Motion (by Jonn Serrie) 3:59
13 The Crown Of Life (by Quinn) 3:12
14 Djebel At Tarik (by Cusco) 8:10
15 If Then...Else (by Candice Pacheco) 4:23 mp3

Album Cover

Earthtone Records
May 11, 1999

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Compiled by
          Brad Pressman
Mastered by
          Chas Ferry
Mastering Assistant:
          Roy Scoutz

Design by
          Doerte Lau and Andreas Adamec


Elevation 2 touts itself as "the second in the definitive collection of world-rhythmic and trance-ambient artists that
are available today." The 15-track CD more than lives up to this assertion, providing a relaxing mix of beautifully
orchestrated songs, each with its own clever hook. While most tracks follow the same formula of combining 
steady rhythms with layers of synthesized melodies and chords, a few in particular stand out: Aria's hypnotic 
"Secret Tear," Vanesa Dadu's jazz-inflected "Near the Black Forest," Ascension's pop-like "Beauty in All Things," 
and Mythos' funky "June." Other tracks -- including Patrick O'Hearn's "Trust" and John Serrie's "Lovers in 
Motion" -- nicely break up the mix by leaning more toward the ambient. Only one track seems out of place --
Cusco's dark "Djebel at Tarik" in which the rhythm plays merely as a backdrop tothe haunting, ancient-sounding 

While the album provides a wonderful mix of music, the CD insert gives little information about the artists and fails 
to cite the languages in which the non-English vocal tracks are sung. This is an unfortunate oversight for such a 
beautiful collection of music that can easily serve as a sampler for listeners new to the genre.

Regis D'Angiolini
August 1999

The Best New Age Compilation Since Pure Moods. There are only four CDs that have ever made me feel like I had 
truly taken a journey to another place. The Enigma Trilogy compromises the first three, this is the fourth.

Not even Pure Moods made me feel as if I had left the real world and found someplace new, strange, exciting, 
and radically different. This is unquestionably one of the best New Age compilations ever, even topping its 
predecessor, Elevation.

Elevation 2 cannot be dismissed by any serious fan of wonderful music.

August 1999

Elevation 2 is a collection of the most varied compositions,  released by several different studios. They are united 
by one thing: this is the music, close to New Age, which is very popular at present.  Having collected the  
compositions this way, the compilers almost have achieved the opposite effect:  hits, but smoothed and 
absolutely not original works are good as a calm background.  They are not good for inner elevation,  which 
is stated in the album title.  Those are the compositions from which do not say much about New Age music and 
which have very distant relationship to the  music of the Human Spirit and spiritual search (this is how I  would 
define New Age music).

Still, I have used the word almost , and I will explain why.  The collection contains a pair of compositions, which 
while listening to one can not notice a weak pseudo-trance of Enigma or erotic-added,  sugary-sikly sweet garnish 
from B-Tribe.  Firstly, this  is “Secret Tear” performed by  Aria.  Magical, charming music by Aria; a divine woman's
vocal in which you can just enjoy it and feel yourself filling with unexpressable beauty coming from this voice.  And 
also the Elevation 2 contains composition “Lovers In Motion” performed by Jonn Serrie. It  was a very big and 
pleasant surprise for me that the music of this remarkable  appeared in the compilation. When you listen to the 
music by Serrie, you  understand that he is here and by means of his music he communicates with you,  and he 
needs yourself...  all the rest is just modern means of realization,  which has not became a self-goal, as for 
example, the music of Patrick  OHearn in the composition “Trust.”  Serrie is presenting in his music.  He and his 
presence is so light and  pleasant!  How wonderful! 

My summary will be following: You can use Elevation 2 as good background music, but do not think that you're 
listening to New Age and do not judge this music on this very album.  The best thing is, that Elevation 2 will be 
your  introduction to this deep and beautiful new music.  Maybe after listening to this album, you will want to hear
music by Mars Lasar, Nicholas and  Cheryl Gunn, Cristopher Franke, and many other remarkable musicians, also
released by Earthtone Records.

Serge Kozlovsky
Muzykalnaja Gazeta - Republic of Belarus
August 20, 1999