by Various Artist (World / New Age / Ambient / Compilation)

"A melodic blend of spiritual vocals and hypnotic grooves" . The first serious collection of high-end Ambient, New Age and World-influenced tracks on a single album.

# Title Time Listen
1 Free Fall (by Mars Lasar) 4:13 mp3
2 Heaven (by Emer Kenny) 4:53 mp3
3 Sure-As-Not (by AFRO CELT SOUND SYSTEM) 5:48
4 Port Na bPucai (by Norin Ni Riain) 3:53
5 Massai Rain (by Miriam Stockley) 5:18 mp3
6 Nomads (by Govinda) 2:32
7 Librarsi (by Marcome) 4:18 mp3
8 Trail Of Tears (by David Arkenstone) 4:59
9 Forever (by Nicholas Gunn) 4:36 mp3
10 Circle Of Friendship (by Joanne Shenandoah) 4:42
11 To All My Relations (by Stonecoat) 4:16
12 Prisme (by Annbjorg Lien) 5:12 mp3
13 Silence Of The Eclipse (by Christopher Franke) 4:51 mp3
14 World Of Wonders (by Freud) 4:03
15 Niki D (by Harold Budd) 6:33

Album Cover

Earthtone Records
July 14, 1998

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Compiled by
          Brad Pressman
Mastered by
          Ron McMaster
          at Capitol Records

Cover Photo:
          (c)Photobank, Inc.
Art Direction:
          Doerte Lau
          Doerte Lau, Andreas Adamec and Wolfgang Fenchel