Earthtone Collection Two
by Various Artist (World / New Age / Ambient / Compilation)

Let your soul dance to the pulsating rhythms and trance-hypnotic songs that wonderfully sample from Mother Earth's vast ”Global Garden.”

# Title Time Listen
1 Heart Of The Rainforest by Primal lnstinct 5:53
2 Woodland Ride by Ginkgo Garden 4:19
3 Bear Clan by Stonecoat 5:16
4 Call Of The Muezzin by Kamal 5:14 mp3
5 Alive by Govinda 3:38
6 No Secrets by Mars Lasar 4:35 mp3
7 Morphing Space (NAC version) by Christopher Frank 3:43
8 Eternal by F.R.E.U.D. 4:57
9 Wizardry by Alkaemy 4:29 mp3
10 Time To Follow by Marcome 4:03
11 Damaged Goods by Christopher Franke 1:49 mp3
12 Miles Away by Delago 4:21
13 Atma Victu by RoyKey 4:12 mp3
14 Children Of The Moon by Ah-Kin 5:35
15 Sacred Chant by Primal lnstinct 4:12

Album Cover

Earthtone Records
March 23, 1999

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Compiled by Jeff Payne  -  Mastered by Chas Ferry
Art Direction: Doerte Lau  -  Design: Andreas Adamec

A very special thank you goes out to all the artists on this compilation, for their never-ending inspiration and 
contributions to this magical experience that we all take pride in calling - Earthtone Records.

Special thanks to everyone at Universal for their continued support and belief, especially Rod Linnum.
Also, to Thomas Ziegler and the Sonic lmages staff.


Following in the tradition of Earthtone Collection One, this second release offers a sampling of some of New Age
music's greatest artists such as Mars Lasar, Christopher Franke, Govinda, Ginkgo Garden, Primal Instinct,
Marcome and others.  Earthtone Collection Two is a masterful blens of tribal rhythms and electronica, of techno
and ambient.  The fifteen richly textured and diverse tracks include the Native American sounds of Stonecoat's
“Bear Clan,” the mysticism of Alkaemy's “Wizardry,” and the entrancing rhythms of F.R.E.U.D.'s “Eternal.”  Each
of these songs from around the world, whether layered with vocals or chants or strictly instrumental, is a
celebration of contemporary New Age music.

Music Design
July/August 1999