Earthtone Collection One
by Various Artist (World / New Age / Ambient /Compilation)

This unique compilation has some of the best selections from the first few years of EarthTone. Many styles and cultural influences reflect a truly magical “sound rainbow.” This kaleidoscope of sound draws from Native American, Celtic, Andean, Flamenco and Chant inspirations. A wondrous journey that any fan of World and New Age Music can go on with each listen.

# Title Time Listen
1 Yeku (by Marcome) 4:07 mp3
2 Shooting Star (by Ah-Kin) 4:49
3 The Spirit Within (by Primal Instinct) 5:04
4 Silence Of The Eclipse (by Christopher Franke) 3:58 mp3
5 God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (by Tairona) 3:56
6 Waterfalls (by Ah-Kin) 4:50
7 Tsali (by Stonecoat) 3:24 mp3
8 Kiss Of The Night (by Marcome) 3:42
9 Silent Warrior (by Primal Instinct) 4:12
10 Celtic Myst (by Christopher Franke) 3:49
11 Flames Of Spain (by Nocy) 3:46 mp3
12 San Juan (by Echoes of Incas) 3:14
13 Sunfather (by Stephen DeRuby) 4:37
14 Dance Of The Lambs (Kim Robertson) 2:28 mp3
15 Gloria II (by Daughters of Mary) 3:54 mp3

Album Cover

Earthtone Records
March 11, 1997

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Compiled by Brad Pressman
Mastered by Rudy Panke, Edgar Rothermich, Fred Tushinsky
Art Direction by Doerte Lau, Design by Darwin Foye
Desert Landscape Photo by Bruce Heinemann