A Whisper Across The Sand
by Ayman, Hisham, and Mars Lasar (World / New Age / Ambient)

As hot winds blow across the Arabian desert, within seconds erasing all signs one just crossed these mystical sand peaks; it is impossible to ignore the many whispers of those who journeyed here before you. Come to Mecca, full of color, history, rhythm and wonder. Dance with us.

# Title Time Listen
1 Zorba The Buddha & Me 4:00 mp3
2 Pegasus 5:17
3 Pioneers 4:23 mp3
4 Night Traveller 6:44 mp3
5 The Edge Of The Sword 4:48
6 Call Of The Syren 3:51
7 Rainfall 4:45 mp3
8 I Saw Her 7:17
9 Whisper In The Wind 4:12
10 The Magician 4:46
11 Procession 5:11 mp3
12 Awakened Dreams 5:02
13 The Dolphin Said Goodbye 5:12

Album Cover

Earthtone Records
July 27, 1999

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A & R Direction, Concept and Sequencing:
          Jeff Payne
          Chas Ferry
          Doerte Lau & Wolfgang Fenchel

Thanks to:
          Jimmy Edwards, Orlando Bellamy, Steven Weber, Tracey Neilly, Sharon Donohue, Rod Linnum
          and Tim Ewing.

Special Thanks from Jeff Payne to Ayman, Hisham and Mars Lasar.




This presentation compiles older tracks individually penned by the artists in such a way that they document a 
complete mystical journey to a metaphoric Mecca of the mind.  On “Pegasus,” light and lively guitar strains 
accented by sizzling synthesizer, snazzy percussion and hypnotic sacred poetry make Hisham’s music 
irresistibly enchanting.  The more upbeat “Pioneers” by Mars Lasar and Winslow Crockwell is a refreshing 
rhythmic excursion fueled by wordless choral vocals, beautifully bent chording and spicy keyboard noodling that 
blends jazz and Middle Eastern styles seamlessly.  Ambient-trance aficionados will savor the sonorous 
spaciousness of Ayman’s “Night Traveler,” with its soaring and nee-like elements, and deliciously dramatic and 
deviously dark electronic hues.  Other tracks offer plenty of pomp and majesty for those desirous of seeping into 
symphonic sand dances and emerging - re-energized and renewed - into an ecstatic oasis of sound.  Great for 

          PJ Birosik
          New Age Voice Magazine
          January 2000