by Various Artist (New Age / Compilation)

Ascension is a transformational experience, a heavenly carriage to greater self-awareness and attunement. Open your mind and heart and you have begun the journey. The road is one easily traveled. Just remember to look for the light that is inside you, as this is from where all voyages to inner completion begin.

# Title Time Listen
1 Across The View - Richard Burmer 4:39 mp3
2 I Set Myself Free - Constance Demby 4:27
3 First Kiss - Chris Spheeris & Paul Voudouris 5:20
4 Flower Hill Trail - Christopher Franke 3:29 mp3
5 One Brief Dream - Anael 4:16
6 Seduced By An Angel - Ayman 7:20 mp3
7 Amy's Lullaby IV - Mars Lasar 3:53
8 Elysian Fields - Cheryl Gunn 5:16
9 The Hidden Smile Of Naiad - Back To Earth 3:44
10 Reunion - Richard Burmer 6:45
11 The Only Answer - Collette Baron- Reid 4:26 mp3
12 There - Miriam Stockley 4:10
13 Improvisation One - Michel Rubini 3:19
14 Desires Of The Heart - Chris Spheeris 6:09
15 In The Cathedral - Gary Lamb 5:05 mp3

Album Cover

Earthtone Records
July 13, 1999

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A & R Direction, Concept and Sequencing:
          Jeff Payne
          Chas Ferry
          Doerte Lau & Wolfgang Fenchel

Thanks to all of the artists and participating labels, Steve Weber, Orlando Bellamy, Howard Sapper, Brian Schall 
and the Earthtone staff.



Initially drawn to this release by Miriam Stockley's vocal track "There," Earthtone Records' latest new age 
compilation Ascension (ETD-7913, 1999) is "a transformational experience, [and] a heavenly carriage to greater 
self-awareness and attunement." A&R Director Jeff Payne is responsible for the album's concept, sequencing 
and selections from various Earthtone and other recording artists. Best listened to either with headphones or 
directly seated between the the speakers to enjoy the intricately producted imaging and stereo phasing, this 
warm album of primarily synthesizer melodies includes vocal work in several of the tracks. However, unlike 
many of the albums reviewed on this website, Ascension is first and foremost an instrumental recording and the 
relatively narrow variety of overall sound works well to deliver a relaxing experience despite the lack of extensive
 female vocals.   

This is a soothing and rich album with a good selection of primarily instrumental tracks by new age artists. 
The narrow mixture of textures works well to highlight the vocals within the album and the sequencing of the 
tracks builds effectively to Miriam Stockley's ballad. A good collection, it delivers the goods promised within 
the title. It is indeed a relaxing listen! 

          Russ Elliot
          Musical Discoveries
          December 1999