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The music on this album was inspired by songs and stories passed on to me by my Cherokee ancestors. While I have tried to preserve these traditions, I have reinterpreted them with my own sounds and grooves. All respect to the life and culture of the Cherokee.

– Dino Soldo


The Crossing (The Spiritual Bridge Mix)

Ani-Tsaguhi (Bear Clan) (The Offering Mix)

People who transformed themselves into a company of bears and disappeared into the woods. Their parting words… "If you are hungry, come to the woods and call us. We will come offering our flesh. Don't be afraid to kill us. We will live always."


A tribesman was asked to challenge the Sun which was burning the people. He turned into a snake the size of a tree and flew up to do battle. He failed but escaped into the depths of our great rivers where he still lives and reigns.

Galu-Ladi (Honor)

A melody taken from a traditional Sioux song about honoring those who came before and those who are chosen, the ones who show the way.

To All My Relations (A Prayer)

I shall pray to the East. Make peace with myself. Accept wisdom of the past. I know the future exists in my heart.

Answer Mother Earth (A Global Union)

A union of tribes featuring Alaskan chants, African rhythms and Equadorian instruments.

Equoni Tsisqua (The Crane)

A spiritual link to the Cherokee, a symbol of freedom and of purpose.

A true example of a life of grace and independence.

Spring Water People (The Sacred Secret Mix)

Home to elf-like people. When visiting their waterfall and tide pool dwellings, you may fall prey to their practical jokes. If you see one,

take it as a blessing and keep it a secret.


A hero to Cherokees for his resistance to the forced removal known as

the "Trail of Tears." A wanted man, he sacrificed his freedom so that

Cherokees in hiding would be granted amnesty. These "hidden people" established what is today known as the Eastern Band of Cherokees.

Ugu Ku (The Owl)

A wife followed her husband into the forest to find out why he hunted only small game. Crying, "Husband, you are an owl!" she left him. The owl flew into the forest and sobbed aloud. The sound is still heard today.

Seven Dancing Boys

Once there were seven boys who did nothing but dance in a circle with their drums. Their parents were not pleased and tried to stop them, but the boys were masters of their enchantment. They rose into the sky and became the Pleiades.


Nun Ynui Wi (Stonecoat)

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