Heart of the Rainforest
by Primal Instinct (World / New Age / Ambient)

Inspired by their travels through the Peruvian rainforest, Alexander Baker and Clair Marlo create sonic landscapes which evoke the ever-changing moods and emotions experienced in this magnificent setting

# Title Time Listen
1 Spirit Within 5:04 mp3
2 Silent Warrior 3:57
3 Mystic River 4:34 mp3
4 Heart of the Rainforest 5:25
5 Medicine Man 3:46
6 Morning Drum 4:50 mp3
7 Shaman 5:21 mp3
8 Prayer For Rain 5:26
9 Song For the Ruins 3:13
10 Rowando 5:29
11 Sacred Chant 4:11

Album Cover

Earthtone Records
Nov 11, 1997

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All songs written by Alexander Baker and Clair Marlo
Published by Tarzana Jane (ASCAP) 
Mixed by Alexander Baker at The Homestead, California

All Instruments played by Alexander Baker and Clair Marlo, including traditional pan flutes, piccolo flutes, 
recorders, ocarinas, digiridoo, nose harp, woodblock drum, kalimba, bongos, congas, djembe drum, talking
drums, shakere, rocks, windchimes, and other ethnic and world instruments. 


Primal Instinct is a duo, whose members are Alexander Baker and Clair Marlo.  During their trip to the tropical 
forests of Peru, the musicians were so inspired by marvellous landscapes that they decided to record an album, 
which is presented in this review.  The musicians not only observed the incredible beauty of the changing 
equatorial jungles, they also recorded various nature sounds.  It is important to note that these sounds are not 
only background to the tracks of “Heart of the Rainforest,” they are also a part of the music, skillfully interwoven 
with the compositions on the album.  As a result, the album is very rich and bright.  The members of the group 
have not only used modern electronic keyboards (which serve beautifully as a frame for the music), but they 
have also played various traditional Indian musical instruments (pan flutes, piccolo flutes, ocarinas, digiridoo, 
nose harp, woodblock drum, kalimba, bongos, congas and many others - the complete list of the instruments 
looks rather impressive).

The album “Heart of the Rainforest” was released by the young company, Earthtone Records.  This studio, where 
ethnic music from around the world can be found, has a special love for Indian music.  On many albums released 
by Earthtone Records, music created by native inhabitants of both American continents is represented.  The 
main goal of the company is the following: “At a time when the world becomes united and the borders between 
nations fall, it is very important to feel all the beauty and uniqueness of various cultures and traditions; to feel 
the harmony between people more clear.”  One can say with confidence that “Heart of the Rainforest” is one of 
the most interesting ethnic music projects released in many years.

Serge Kozlovsky
Muzykalnaja Gazeta (Republic of Belarus)
May 1998

“Heart of the Rainforest” is a master work.  Our audiences tell us how happy they are with the music of Primal
Instinct, and they are asking for more.  They are crazy about it!  How delighted we all are with the natural sounds 
of this album.  It is a magical piece of music.  We will be playing more of this music.

Edgar Cartwright
Jazz a la Carte - Digital Image Radio (Mexico)
December 1999