Return to Grand Canyon
by Nicholas Gunn (New Age)

On the “Return To Grand Canyon” album, flutist/multi- instrumentalist Nicholas Gunn picks up where he left off on the first album with even stronger melodies, lush nature sounds, great percussion and pictures through sound which take the listener away to this wonder of the world.

# Title Time Listen
1 Return to Grand Canyon 5:02 mp3
2 Flight of the Condor 4:23 mp3
3 Kaibab Forest 4:53
4 Havasu Falls 4:06 mp3
5 Daybreak at Timp Point 4:30
6 Horseshoe Mesa 4:53
7 The Greatest Wonder 4:19 mp3
8 The Crossing 3:38
9 Navajo Story 4:38
10 Cottonwood Camp 4:30 mp3
11 Angel’s Window 5:06

Album Cover

Earthtone Records
Oct 5, 1999

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All music composed, produced and arranged by Nicholas and Cheryl Gunn 

Flutes written by Nicholas Gunn
Flutes produced by Cheryl Gunn
Lyrics on "The Greatest Wonder" by Peter Marmentini
All songs published by Anagram Music, ASCAP 
All songs recorded and mixed at Anagram West, Camarillo, California by Nicholas Gunn 
Mastered by Brad Vance at DNA Mastering, Studio City, California
Programming and editing of guitars on "Cottonwood Camp" and "Angel's Window" by Nicholas and Cheryl Gunn 
Nature sound effects were digitally recorded on location at Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona 
Razor Saltboy was recorded on location in Window Rock, Arizona 
Studio and location recording and mixing assisted by Cheryl Gunn 
Liner notes written by Cheryl Gunn
Cover photograph: Havasu Falls, back cover photograph: "New Beginnings"

Photograhic Artwork by Michael Fatali, P.O. Box 327, Springdale, Utah,

For information regarding licensing or publishing, contact Anagram Music by e-mail - 

Performances :

Nicholas Gunn- 'C' concert flute, coche, black bamboo coche, clay flute, ocarina, tin whistle, bamboo whistle,
bass recorder and pan pipes, piano, synthesizers, vocals, clay bongos and additional live percussion 
Cheryl Gunn- piano, synthesizers, vocals, congas and additional live percussion. 
Karen Briggs- violin on "Flight Of The Condor" 
Govi- nylon acoustic guitar on "Horseshoe Mesa" 
Razor Saltboy- vocal on "Navajo Story" 
Peter Marmentini - vocal on "The Greatest Wonder" 
Andy Abad-Garcia - guitar samples on "Cottonwood Camp" and "Angel's Window" 
Sachi Patitucci- cello on "Daybreak At Timp Point" and "Angel's Window" 
Bongo and Weebo- live feathers in flight 

Nicholas Gunn records and plays Yamaha brand 'C' concert flutes 
Govi appears courtesy of Higher Octave Music 
Cheryl Gunn appears courtesy of Earthtone Records 

This record is dedicated in memory of John "Zavier" Welch.  May his gift for guitar and gentle spirit resonate on.

In a continuing effort to help preserve the natural beauty of Grand Canyon National Park, Nicholas and 
Cheryl Gunn will donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of this album to further this worthy cause.  
To make additional donations, you can contact The Grand Canyon National Park Foundation at 520.774.1760 
or visit their web site at 



Nicholas Gunn is back!  This wonderful artist invites us again to make a  fascinating journey to the Grand Canyon,
this unique creation of Nature.

I was waiting for this album very much.  Moreover, that this is a continuation  of a very strong and bright project,
The Music Of The Grand Canyon , released in 1995 which has won broad recognition and sold more than three
hundred three thousand copies.  To the word, that album was in the Billboard charts for more than 32(!) weeks. 

It was very interesting: what will Nicholas prepare for the listeners this  time?  The result was quite unexpected.
Nicholas did not take the very way he took creating his first project.  Return To Grand Canyon  is not a 
continuation of the serial; it does not repeat its brilliant predecessor.  This is quite an independent, complete 

The album is quite traditional for Gunn, and at the same time it is quite different.  In everything which, as it may
seem, it could be the same -- in the  powerful rhythms of the drums, in the tender singing of Gunn’s flute, in the 
noble decoration of the keyboards, in the soft passages of the acoustic  guitar - a new quality has appeared. The 
feminine nature appeared in the music by  Gunn; it became more tender and delicate. This feminine origin is 
clearly felt  here.  And this is not occasional, because the co-author and true helper of Nicholas in Return To 
Grand Canyon is his wife, Cheryl.  Their  mutual creativity combines the passionate, fiery power of music by 
Nicholas with harmonizing tenderness of Cheryl.  While listening to the first project with the broadness and large 
scale present in its sound, you felt as if you are floating over the Canyon.  Now you feel yourself immersed into the
most hidden depths, coming into the most unknown places.  The connection of  perfect music with nature sounds,
recorded directly within the Canyon with addition of American Indian voices creates an unique atmosphere, 
opening the windows,  breaking the walls.  You are tete-a-tete with this ancient world, with this  pristine beauty, 
with this blossoming garden created for Love and Joy.  You  feel yourself filled with the power of this great Nature,
filled with Life  itself...

But let us return to the music.  Here many pleasant surprises are awaiting the  listener.  Here is one of them: Govi, 
the perfect guitar master, took part in the  new project of Nicholas.  Govi’s guitar with soft nylon strings, in which  
unconditional joy and silence are woven as a whole, one can hear in  Horseshoe Mesa.  The piercing violin of 
Karen Briggs sounds in  Flight Of The Condor.  If one could compare the music of Nicholas Gunn with anything, 
then it  can be compared with blowing of a fresh wind, tearing the flame of a strong bonfire and with a free element. 
This music is simply beyond any conmparison. 

It helps to wake from the sleep and understand, that the time of awakening  has come. The time of awakening from
the slavery of the ordinary world.  The  awakening of the Creator... The awakening of the Spirit... Whose name is

Serge Kozlovsky
Muzykalnaja Gazeta (Republic of Belarus)
December 9, 1999

Return To Grand Canyon by Nicholas Gunn is the sequel to Gunn’s breathtaking best-selling CD, The Music Of
The Grand Canyon.  In this new version, Gunn takes the listener back in time to when “Bidahaztii,” the Navajo
name for the Grand Canyon, offered refuge to Native Americans who fled from Kit Carson back in 1863.  Some of
Gunn’s symphonic songs are named after sacred power spots within the Grand Canyon.

Barbara Sabatino
New Living Magazine
December 1999

Nicholas Gunn has a remarkable string of successful records, none more so tha his 1995 release called Music Of
The Grand Canyon.  That album generated proceeds of more than a million dollars for the preservation of the 
canyon and its environs.  As amazing as it may sound, Gunn has outdone himself with Return To Grand Canyon.
Grandly anthemic melodies sweep you right off your feet and out over the magnificent vistas of this most
remarkable of parks.  Gunn is an enormously gifted flutist.  More than that, he also plays pan pipes, piano,
synthesizers and percussion and contributes some vocals.  His wife, Cheryl, also sings and plays piano,
synthesizers, percussion and congas.  The resulting music is upbeat, highly emotional and quite danceable.

Steve Ryals
New Age Voice Magazine
March 2000

Nicholas Gunn has a remarkable string of successful records.  Partial proceeds from his 1995 release Music Of 
The Grand Canyon generated more than $1 million for the preservation of the canyon and its environs.  Amazingly,
Gunn has outdone himself with Return To Grand Canyon.  Anthemic melodies sweep you right off your feet and 
out over the magnificent vistas of this remarkable park.  Evoking the elements found there, from the wind to 
soaring eagles and views that seem to span eternity, Return To Grand Canyon will send your spirit high.

Gunn is an enormously gifted flutist.  More than that, he also plays pan pipes, piano, synthesizers and percussion 
and contributes some vocals.  His wife Cheryl provides piano, synthesizers, percussion, congas and vocals.  
Govi guests on the visceral “Horseshoe Mesa.”  Razor Saltboy provides vocals on “Navajo Story,” with strong
American Indian influences.  The resulting music is upbeat, highly emotional and sure to have you dancing in no
time.  For those who love contemporary instrumental music, the flute, Nicholas Gunn, or all of the above, buying 
Return To Grand Canyon is mandatory.

Steve Ryals
New Age Retailer
March/April 2000