by Daughters of Mary (New Age / Vocal)

# Title Time Listen
1 Ubi caritas - Antiphon 3:02
2 Tenebrae factae sunt - Responsory 3:53
3 Resurrexi - Introit 4:50
4 Haec dies - Gradual 3:43
5 Victimae paschali laudes - Sequence 2:05 mp3
6 Veni Creator Spiritus - Hymn 3:25
7 Cibavit eos - Introit 3:41
8 Alleluia, caro mea vere est cibus 2:48 mp3
9 Salve Regina - Antiphon 2:04
10 Salve sancta Parens - Introit 3:04 mp3
11 Cogitationes - Introit 3:22
12 Dulcis et rectus Dominus - Gradual 2:58
13 Alleluia, tollite jugum meum 4:05
14 Immittet Angelus Domini - Antiphon and Psalm 33 3:35
15 In manus tuas - Short Responsory 1:47
16 Kyrie I 2:15
17 Gloria II 3:47 mp3
18 Sanctus III 1:39
19 Agnus Dei III 2:00

Album Cover

Earthtone Records
April 15, 1997

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Producer: Joseph Scarpa
Engineer: Fred Guarino
Consultant: Angelo DiPippo
Recorded at: Tiki Recording Studios Glen Cove, NY
Cover Concept: Jay Barbieri
Design: Doerte Lau 


These gifted women bIend their angelic voices into ethereal, ritual chants to elevate your consciousness and 
uplift your soul.  Perfect for meditation, spiritual practices or quiet inner contemplation, their soaring harmonies 
will remind you of the echoing stone halls of a medieval abbey.

          NAV - New Age Voice
          October 1998

This is a Christian Program.  It is Christian, because the Gregorian chanting  is the traditional liturgical chanting of 
the Catholic Church.  An ancient intonation formulas by Byzantine and Gallic singing, folklore of German and 
Celtic tribes was synthesized in this chanting, having passed some selection and  working.  In its main features 
the Gregorian chanting was formed in the eighth century on the territory of modern France, Switzerland, Southern 
Germany and Northern Italy.  Texts are taken from the Bible and are performed in Latin.  This  is a short 
historical comment.

What concerns the musical analysis, I can tell that a specific feature of the Gregorian Chanting is singing of 
several tones on one syllable.  An irregular sequence of long and short prolongations is characteristic to the 
rhythm.  The finest rhythmical characteristics (light accents, slight increase or decrease of  prolongations).

For the Daughters of Mary the performing of Gregorian chants is an integral  part of their life.  Their time is divided 
between work and prayer.  Every day, morning and evening they are addressing to the God in their singing.  And  
this is not a simple tradition, but a living action, associated with a something being beyond the human reason.  
The Gregorian Chant is a specific language, some  code, by means of which there can be established a 
connection with a Highest  World, the world of finest energies.  This World differs from the world of ordinary 
communication of the people.  That is why the womens’ voices sounding on the CD are so high, light and pure.
Specific features of a temple architecture (closed premise with concave surfaces) focus the voices, directing  
them higher.  In a monodian (many-voice) combination of soloist and chorus  singing is an ideal harmony, exact 
intonations and absolute unity in the prayer.  An extreme spiritual sensitivity are cleaning thoughts, lighten and 
refines a  soul.  It becomes like a peacefully breathing ocean  broad, free and  endless  merging with an 
unreachable height and purity in transparen  blue sky.  The ecstasy of Divine Love, dissolving and happiness in 
a great unity.  The way home to the loving embraces of the Father. The Lord is inside me, and I am inside Him.

Yes, this is a Christian program, but one does not need to be a Christian to  be inspired with a state of high 
spiritual uplifting, the feeling of the Divine  Love and Beauty, which present in SPIRIT so brightly.  The main thing 
is that peace, accordance and harmony will stay inside the listener.  And  then the inner light of the soul will join 
the world stream of the Divine.

          Lana Chudnaya
          Musical Gazette (Republic of Belarus)
          February 24, 2000