by Mars Lasar (Instrumental)

Keyboard wizard, Mars Lasar, delivers an entrancing mindscape with his amazing blend of soft, pumping grooves, futuristic concepts and three dimensional instrumentation. The result is a rhythmic transportation into a melodic, electronica wonderspace.

# Title Time Listen
1 Lords of Truth 4:45
2 No Secrets 4:35
3 Pioneers 4:25 mp3
4 Free Fall 4:16 mp3
5 Cyber City 4:31
6 Your Eyes (Password) 4:18
7 Deja Vu 4:18 mp3
8 Escape to Reality 4:01
9 House of Thieves 4:18
10 Warpstream 489 2:42 mp3
11 Toxic Orchestra 5:11 mp3
12 Wandering Souls 4:22
13 The Magician 4:47 mp3
14 Amy's Lullaby IV 3:54
15 Final Odyssey 3:49

Album Cover

Earthtone Records
Aug 11, 1998

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Produced, Arranged & Mixed by Mars Lasar 
except Toxic Orchestra co-produced by Trisha Lasar
Vocals: Trisha Lasar, Amy Lasar, Katy (did) Franco, Kelly Hansen, 
Paul Hepker, Keith, Zimmerman, Sovory 
Guitars: Jeff Burak, Winslow Crockwell, Mars Lasar
Flute: Richard Bugg
Ney: Omar Faruk 
Dulcimer: Winslow Crockwell
Keyboards & Sound Design: Mars Lasar 

DESIGN: Wolfgang Fenchel
photos of Mars Lasar and Trisha Lasar by Randy Fugate

All songs written by Mars Lasar/BMI & Published by Sound Stories Music/BMI except:
3) Written by M. Lasar & Winslow Crockwell/BMI 
Published by sound stories music/BMI & Winslow Crockwell Publishing/BMI

6) Written by M. Lasar/BMI & Trisha Lasar/ASCAP 
Published by Sound Stories Music/BMI

11) Written by M. Lasar/BMI Trisha Lasar/ASCAP & Paul Hepker/ASCAP
Published by Sound Stories Music/BMI 

10) + 15) Published by Sound Stories Music/BMI & EMI Music Publishing Australia/ASCAP
"Warpstream 489" & "Final Odyssey" appear courtesy of EMI Music Publishing Australia 


The album of Mars Lasar having a top laconic name "11:02" is the third part of a very  interesting trilogy.  By its 
style, this CD is close to the preceding albums, "The Eleventh  Hour" and "Escape," and like these two albums,  
"11:02" is a perfect sample of  visual music. Why is it so?

Mars Lasar is opening before the listeners a vast panorama.  His music is very  figurative.  From the very first 
chords of the composition Lords Of True, the music uplifts you and carries somewhere very high, to the place  
where a city of unspeakable beauty is lying.  You see it before you and it shines  with brightest colors.  It is 
already close, and you want so much to escape  there, away from chaos and madness of the world surrounding 
you.  Or, maybe you  can rest your soul there, you can stay with the people, dear to you.  A beautiful city of the 
future!  Its soft and warm light fills you with Love and Hope.  And  you feel joy and you see that your life has new

Mars Lasar is a perfect composer.  His melodies are elegant and harmonic.  His arrangements are light and 
intelligent.  His music contains flight combined  with perfect accuracy.  Especially strong is the composition No 
Secrets: you just surrender to this beautiful melody and you want to follow it.  You just wait with a joyful worrying, 
what will come  next. 

The album "11:02" is a brilliant work.  A broad auditory of listeners still has not discover the music of Mars Lasar, 
the perfect composer, whose music is really waiting for the success it deserves!

Serge Kozlovsky
Muzykalnaja Gazeta (Republic of Belarus)
September 1999