Touch The Sun
by Ikarus (Electronic / New Age)

Ikarus draws on voices from every corner of the world and combines them with electronic backgrounds. A unique fusion where vocal samples and instrumental solos, including guitars, didgeridoo, and shakuhashi, blend perfectly with fashionable downtempo trip-hop and ambient grooves. Join them in their uplifting dance and sense the beauty of diversity in this magical, spiritual album.

# Title Time Listen
1 Touched The Sun 3:04 mp3
2 Shine On 4:30
3 Catu (Vienna Club Mix) 6:26
4 Another World 4:43 mp3
5 Evening Lights 5:20 mp3
6 Bassment 6:50
7 Out Of This World 5:09
8 Believe 3:55 mp3
9 In My Deepest Dreams 5:09
10 Paramatma 4:40 mp3

Album Cover

Earthtone Records
Jan 30, 2001

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Ikarus is based on an original idea of Wolfgang Stindl

All songs written by Wolfgang Stindl except:
Bassment - written by Wolfgang Stindl/Harald Pairits
Evening Lights - written by Wolfgang Stindl/Harald Pairits
Out Of This World - written by Wolfgang Stindl/Marcus Seifu Grandon
Paramatma - written by Wolfgang Stindl/Alexandra Hoffmann

Mixed by: Harald Pairits

Wolfgang Stindl - keyboards, programming, didgeridoo, fender rhodes
Harald Pairits - additional keyboards & programming, 
                         acoustic & electric bass on "Bassment" and "Evening Lights"

Guest musicians:
Hannes Pauleschitz - guitars on "Evening Lights" and "Catu (Vienna Sub Mix)"
Alexandra Hoffman - vocals on "Paramatma" 
Marcus Seifu Grandon - shakuhachi on "Out Of This World" 
Sampling CDs used in this production: 
"Heart of Africa Vol. 1 & 2" by Spectrasonics
"Deepest India" by Zero G

re-mastered by Chas Ferry
artwork & design by: Wolfgang Fenchel
A&R:  Nikolai Ugrinsky



forty five stars in the sky, April 13, 2001 

extremely talented duo,who organise the myriad of the worlds sounds+beats and balance them 
together beautifully.If you like trip hop,ambient,world music,electronica you will adore this 
album,i love all four of these genres but somehow they have manged to bring them all together 
as one.I love every song ikarus has produced,my favourites being touch the sun and ancient 
lullaby,if you can find their other albums do so !!they are a brillant team!

Reviewer: merrywinter  from sydney, nsw Australia

It is very easy to slide into a trance listening to this music.  Ikarus uses a seductive combination of guitar, 
shakuhachi, bass, keyboards, didgeridoo, synthesizers and voices to fashion a trippy soundscape.  Creator 
Wolfgang Stindl created a wonderful set of compositions to launch the listener on a soulful musical adventure.  
The presence of voices is what really gives this recording its magical feel that is almost otherworldly.  Hearing 
samples of voices from all over the planet, the listener can get a sense of the spiritual nature that is the source 
of these soulful voices.  The samples remind us that in many cultures, singing is a vital way of expressing our 
relationships to each other and to spirit, not just something professional entertainers do to try and make a hit 
record.  Hearing so many different dialects and snatches of songs is like experiencing captured audio images 
from a global journey in the same way as if we had snapshots from every port of call on our voyage.  The 
contrast between the acid jazz and trip hop feel of the instrumentation with the urgent call of the voices is an 
exciting and exotic combination.  

NAV Review – April 2001

By combining electronics with multicultural influences, composer Wolfgang Stindl has created a unique type of
world fusion that touches on Celtic, African, Indian, and Asian themes. Fleshing out ambient grooves with the
didgeridoo, guitar, keyboards, vocal samples, and shakuhashi, Touch the Sun exhibits a new vision of
transcendental sound and energy. With fluid and dramatic tracks such as "In My Deepest Dreams" and
the title cut, "Touched the Sun," this 10-track collection provides an uplifting experience in trip-hop sounds.

    Leslie R. Marini
    Editorial Review on

Ikarus is one of the best groups in music today. They challenge today's musical conformity as they explore
various ethnic backgrounds.They are a group that must be experienced, and one that demands apprieciation for
their creativity and talent.

    Ethan from Grand Rapids

The fusion of world music instrumentation and electronic rhythms/production tactics has always reached a 
diverse audience intrigued by the fuson of earthy spirituality and synthetic ambiance. Though such musical
disciples have no trouble finding artists whose music meets their aural needs, Wolfgang Stindl's IKARUS project
approaches the form with a fresh perspective. TOUCH THE SUN is an engaging offering that fleshes out its
Celtic, African, Indian, and Asian influences with a mixture of didgeridoo, guitar, keyboards, vocal samples with
ambient groove and trip-hop undercurrents.
The ingredients are similar to those of artists like Banco De Gaia and Ekova, but the taste of the end result is 
succulent and satisfying in it's own right.

   Upcoming issue
   CMJ March 26, 2001

 IKARUS "Touch the Sun" Stunning tracks on a couple  of various artists releases we have 
("Ambient Northern Lights," "Spirits of the  World" "Elevation 3"), plus airplay on Musical Starstreams, brought this 
 exciting new group to our attention long before this CD was released. As one of  the most highly-anticipated titles 
in the global/nu ambient style for 2001,  Ikarus really delivers a world brew of ethnic colorings and electronica 
 influences. Ikarus draws on voices >from every corner of the world: from India  and Africa to Eastern Europe and 
Asia. Hymns of joy and cries of anger, prayers  to the spirits, songs of hope and despair have all been brought to 
question your  certainties, seize your senses and stir your emotions. Ikarus combines all kinds  of ethnic music 
with electronic backgrounds in a unique fusion where vocal  samples and instrumental solos, from guitars, 
didgeridoo and shakuhachi blend  perfectly with downtempo trip hop and ambient grooves. Join them in their  
uplifting dance beats and sense the beauty of diversity in this magical,  spiritual album. Highly recommended.    

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