Lavender Skies
by Gary Lamb (New Age)

These delicate and enchanting piano melodies dance into the heart from the very first note. Immense tranquility and romance surround you as each song unfolds.

# Title Time Listen
1 Love Is The Key 4:36 mp3
2 All That I Have Is For You 4:26
3 The Love And The Rose 3:50 mp3
4 Ancient Dancer 3:35
5 The Angels Dance 4:49
6 Keeping The Promise 4:07 mp3
7 My True Love 3:22
8 Celestial Lullaby 5:06
9 In Search Of Solitude 5:33 mp3
10 Distant Fields 4:34
11 The Breath Of Life 4:11
12 Watching The Night Fall 5:18 mp3
13 Into The Light 4:19
14 Lavender Skies 6:09
15 In The Cathedral 5:06

Album Cover

Earthtone Records
April 20, 1999

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"This unique compilation of some my original compositions is a dream come true for me. I would like to give special 
thanks to Jeff Payne and everyone at Sonic Images for giving my music the opportunity to be heard by people 
around the world! To all of my family and fans who have encouraged me throughout the years, attended my 
concerts and collected my CDs, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. This is your dream too! Without a listener 
the music remains silent. Thanks for listening!!!" – Gary Lamb 

EarthTone wishes to thank the talented Gary Lamb for creating such beautiful music and for the opportunity to 
do this project. It is an honor and a privilege. 

Also, a special thanks to Brian McClemens at Border's for the support and belief in what we do and to Rod Linnum 
and his staff at Universal. We couldn't do it without you.

Design: Doerte Lau, Andreas Adamec
A & R Direction, Concept and Sequencing: Jeff Payne



Like the flower that echoes the majestic purple of the evening sky over the French countryside, Lavender Skies
echoes the splendor of romance and beauty.  Almost etherial in its tranquility and elegance, the compilation of
Gary Lamb's eloquent piano compositions includes "The Angel's Dance," "Celestial Lullaby," "The Breath of Life"
and "Watching the Night Fall."  The tracks are taken from nine of Lamb's albums, including Love Themes,
Imaginations and A Walk in the Garden.  This collection proves that Lamb is truly a luminary in the contemporary
instrumental music genre.

          Music Design
          July/August 1999